About the OPM Directory

The Merchant Hub has a special directory for OPMs called the OPM Directory. This section offers affiliates the ability to learn about each OPM, the programs that they manage and how to connect with them.

Listings in the OPM Directory

All OPMs we work with are listed, but Premium OPM subscribers are listed first in the directory along with a “Featured” star near their name.

opm directory listings

OPM Page

Along with a listing, OPMs also receive a full page dedicated to their agency. This page includes contact details, a list of all of the programs the OPM manages and (for Premium OPM Subscribers) additional messaging to help affiliates understand how and why they should connect with the OPM.

Here’s an example:

OPM Details Page OPM Directory

OPMs can claim and manage their programs and enter details about their agencies using their FMTC login. If you would like a free OPM account setup, please contact us today.