About the Merchant Hub

The Merchant Hub is FMTC’s affiliate program directory “on steroids”. It contains all the information we’ve collected from and about the merchants we work with.

Program Details for the Merchant Hub

All of our FMTC clients and all visitors to our public-facing Merchant Hub (the most comprehensive affiliate program directory) can research programs we have listed. All programs include standard information and basic details including:

  • Program name
  • Network associations
  • Logo and screenshots
  • Join links for your program on each network
  • Contact information for your affiliate manager

Premium subscribers have the ability to add and manage far more details including:

  • preferred-program-tagProgram description
  • Welcome message
  • Private commission rate opportunities
  • Placement bonuses and vanity coupons
  • PPC bidding policy
  • Display restrictions
  • Email restrictions/allowances
  • Social media policy
  • Nexus restrictions and requirements
  • “Preferred” tag on your program (or the programs you manage as an OPM)

All of this information will be available to affiliates on your merchant info page in our Merchant Hub. Click here for a live look at a Premium subscriber. Compare that to a free user’s program details by clicking here.

*Please Note – You must have a merchant account in order to add and edit information on your profile page. Please contact us today if you need a free account setup.