Merchant Datafeed Cleaning Tool

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FMTC has released a new datafeed cleaning tool for merchants, available immediately to all Premium merchant subscribers.

fmtc merchant datafeed cleaning tool

This first version can be used to:

  • Remove HTML tags from your feed
  • Clean up HTML entities in your feed.
  • Remove non-printable control characters.
  • Clean up whitepsace by removing leading, trailing and double spaces.


“Having just ‘test-driven it’ personally, I can report that on a 7,000+ SKUs data feed it took me only 14 seconds to upload the CSV feed to FMTC and then 45 seconds for the tool to tidy it up and download the clean feed to my computer.Currently the tool only accepts CSV files, but based on future requests, this will expand.” ~ Geno Prussakov CEO & Founder AM Navigator

Many times, the merchant datafeed will come from your e-commerce system, which may include HTML-formatting that’s specific to your site. With FMTC’s Datafeed Cleaning Tool, these HTML tags can be removed. In addition, if your e-commerce system includes HTML entities, such as &pos; instead of &pos;, this tool can fix these values.

Another problem found in merchant datafeeds are non-printable characters, which are characters that the computer can see, but are invisible (or appear as a simple space) to the human eye.

Finally, the datafeed cleaning tool can clean up whitespace (such as tabs, new lines, etc) and can strip any whitespace (including spaces) from the beginning and end of each field.

The datafeed cleaning tool is now included in all Premium merchant subscriptions, along with all of the existing features of these subscriptions, starting at $50 / month with no contract.

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