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FMTC Pods 25

We asked. You answered. We listened!

Last week at ShareASale ThinkTank, we had a great opportunity to do something we don’t normally get to do on a regular basis… we sat down, face to face with groups of affiliates and bloggers and asked them what they wanted.

If you are an affiliate manager, a network rep, or a tool provider like us – I highly encourage you to do this whenever you can. Instead of guessing what affiliates and bloggers want – ask them – they will tell you!

Pods – Blogger Inspired

Our Pods are actually inspired by feedback that bloggers gave us last year at ShareASale ThinkTank. We took what they told us and created a tool that made it easy for them to integrate auto-updated offers into their posts and pages about their favorite stores, niche products and more.

This year, we asked for feedback on the Pods… and we got it!

Pod Pricing – Blogger Designed

One of the biggest pieces of feedback that we got was this: 100 Pods for $100/month is a great price, BUT bloggers thought it would take them a while to build up to 100. So, they asked us for a smaller package to start with.

We asked what price point would make sense to them – and group after group told us, “$25 for 25 would be something I would try.”

Pods 25 Are Now Available

They asked – we delivered!

Pods 25 are now available – just in time for building holiday pages! Bloggers and content affiliates can create up to 25 Pods for just $25 per month.

Get Started For FREE!

Start now with a free FMTC account. You’ll have access to our Deal Bank (searchable database of over 100,000 deals you can copy and paste to your site) and you can build one Pod (for free) to try it out. When you’re ready, simply subscribe to Pods 25 and build away!

2 Responces

    1. A “Pod” is a block of content that a blogger or website owner can choose to install on their website. This area of content will automatically display information about deals and coupons that are relevant and up to date.

      The website owner can choose one or multiple merchants, from a list of over 8000. You can also choose which types of deals to display. Some options are free shipping offers, percentage off coupons, and buy one get one free opportunities.

      The website owner will be paid a commission for any sales that are generated when a visitor clicks through an offer in your Pod. You can be compensated through involvement in affiliate programs or through Skimlinks membership.

      For a further description, as well as links to examples of Pods in action, click here.

      The upside:
      The owner of the website can create a pod in about 5 minutes.
      Pods are automatically updated, so there is no need to manually add and remove links.
      Your website visitors will have access to timely, relevant deals and coupons.
      The website owner is rewarded with commissions for sales.
      You can create your first Pod for free.

      The downside:
      I don’t see one.

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