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FMTC affiliate recruitment

One of the questions I receive often is if FMTC helps with affiliate recruiting. Since publisher recruitment is a hot topic for any affiliate program, I will provide you with some tips on recruiting and also let you know how FMTC can help.

5 Recruitment Tools and Techniques

Since I’m not an affiliate manager myself, I turned to the pages of Geno Prussakov’s book, Affiliate Program Management: An Hour A Day to find some great tips for you. If you haven’t already, consider these options to help with recruitment:

  1. Search Engines – This one is pretty self-explanatory and is one of the free ways you can find affiliates. Simply search for them on Google or any other search engine of choice to get a decent list of potential affiliate partners.

  2. Social Media – A couple of social media options to use are Twitter and also forums. Twitter is used every day by merchants and affiliates alike. You can follow relevant hash tags, utilize the search function, and also have an account just for your affiliate program (great for communication and support). For forums, you can join those that are specific to affiliate marketing or industry-specific for your niche. The best way to use forums is to post helpful information and build a good reputation, then promote your program either with an announcement or simply include a sign-up link in your signature.

  3. Your Affiliate Program’s Blog – Building and maintaining a good blog can be extremely helpful for your affiliate program and recruitment. It shows affiliates that you’re actively engaged and that you care about your partners. You should post regularly and include helpful information and tips for promoting.

  4. Affiliate Program Directories – Get your program listed on as many affiliate program directories as possible since affiliates use them to find programs. One good thing about working with FMTC, is all of our merchants are automatically added to our public Merchant Hub, which is our program directory that affiliates use every day.

  5. Summits & Symposiums – Attending these events are great ways to network and recruit affiliates. Many of you have probably heard of or attended Affiliate Summit, but there are also some held by affiliate networks like CJU, ShareASale ThinkTank, and the Rakuten Symposium.

How FMTC Can Help

We work with great publishers who can be considered “super affiliates” and definitely want to help you connect with them. To facilitate this connection, we created a placement called the Targeted Publisher Outreach. This is where we send out a dedicated email to all publishers in our system who are not joined to your program yet but are already working with the network you’re on. We include details on what products you sell, the affiliate program benefits you have, contact information, and a join link to make it quick and easy for them to sign up.

Larissa Feuerstein opm merchant relationsThe process is quite simple: First, you fill out a short questionnaire that provides us with information about your affiliate program. Next, we run a report to see which publishers your email should be sent to. After that, we write up a draft and send it to you for approval. Once it looks good, we schedule it to be sent out.

You can learn more and see pricing here!

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