How FMTC’s Deal Rankings Affect You

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fmtc deal ranking and how it affects your clients

How FMTC’s Deal Rankings Affect You

Did you know that every single deal we process for your program is ranked? Deals are ranked based on their value and scope of use by a proprietary ranking system. This system assigns points to deals based on type, discount amount, expiration date, etc. The goal is to give more points/higher rank to deals of higher value. For example, a coupon code for 50% off that expires this week would be ranked higher than an ongoing deal for 10% off on women’s shoes. Simply put, the more aggressive your deal is, the more likely it will be placed above others in our feed.

How Clients Use Rank

  1. Clients use rank to list deals on merchant/store pages on their site. Here, each of your deals is “competing” against your other deals. Your own 50% off coupon code that expires tomorrow will be shown higher than your ongoing offer for free shipping on orders over $100.
  2. On category pages, deals are competing with other deals in the same category. So, if one of our clients sells shoes on their site, your 50% off shoes coupon code will be listed higher on the page than a link to your competitor’s ongoing deal for 10% off shoes.

How Deals are Displayed in the Feed

Our clients have access to each deal we process, depending on what type of feed they have. In the feed, each deal is displayed on its own line. This line includes the merchant, deal info, and the rank. The moment we process a deal, it is automatically available in the feed. It is then up to our clients to take that info and use it to display deals on their sites in the order they desire.

FMTC Deal Rankings

Pulling the Data

FMTC deal Rankings

Each client pulls feeds at least once a day, but some do it every hour. It depends on how they are set up. If you have a dashboard account, you can log in to ensure that your program’s deals are processed and up to date in our system. If everything is accurate in our system, but the deals are not showing up on the client’s site, you can always reach out to them, or even let us know and we’ll assist you in contacting them.

Quick FAQ:

Q: How do I get my deals to rank higher?

A: Since aggressive deals are listed higher, the only way to increase your ranking is to create better deals.

That’s a wrap for this week, but please email me with your questions at any time. [email protected]

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