How FMTC Works with Skimlinks

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how fmtc works with skimlinks
I’ve had numerous merchants ask me about Skimlinks. They want to know who they are and how we work with them. Allow me to provide you with some insight!

Skimlinks is essentially a sub-affiliate network which works with merchants to provide affiliate links for publishers. The publishers that work with Skimlinks can post affiliate links on their sites without having to apply to a program at an affiliate network. For example, a fashion blogger can join Skimlinks and post affiliate links to Ann Taylor in their blog posts even if they are not a member of the program on Rakuten Linkshare.

Working Together

FMTC has a partnership with Skimlinks so that our clients can monetize their links with their Skimlinks ID and earn commissions. Not all merchants are working with Skimlinks, so we include a banner on each merchant info page. This lets publishers know if the merchant is Skimlinks supported or not:

Our system runs a report to see which merchants are joined to Skimlinks each day. If you see your banner listed incorrectly, please let us know by emailing [email protected] You can also learn more about working with Skimlinks as a merchant here.

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