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Making sure your logos are up to date and as appealing as possible should not be overlooked. I find it surprising that many merchants we integrate do not create logos in multiple sizes and they are often blurry. At FMTC, we only provide sizes 120×60 and 88×31 and we usually have to resize an existing logo or even take it from the website if one isn’t provided at the network.


Tips for Improving Your Logos:

    1. Add a Border – Especially if your logo has a white background, add a small border so that it doesn’t get lost on white pages. Example:


    1. Take Out Unnecessary Words –  If you have extra words or a slogan, remove them from the smaller logos since they usually get blurry and unreadable.


  1. Revise & Recreate – Are your company logos outdated or maybe just not as visually appealing as they could be? Don’t underestimate the power or your logo to attract new customers. If your logo looks outdated or has poor graphics, people may think your website might be low-quality. Take some time to review all your logos and banners and have them updated if needed.

There’s also a chance you’ve already updated your logo, but FMTC might not have the updated version. You can see the logo we have in our system for your program by going to your profile page in our Merchant Hub. If the logo we have needs to be updated, please email the new one to [email protected] and we’ll make sure it gets updated in our system.

Larissa Feuerstein opm merchant relations


If you’re interested in leveraging your company’s coupon strategy, send me a quick email and I’ll show you how FMTC’s free and premium accounts for merchants and OPMs work.

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