Get Premium Benefits This Holiday Season!

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Promote Affiliate Program : affiliate program promotion Get Premium Benefits This Holiday Season!

Get your program’s deals to publishers faster, gain more exposure to buyers, and access more tools to grow your affiliate program!”

Get Premium Benefits This Holiday Season!

Working with FMTC as an advertiser is a great way for you to get more exposure for your program and have your offers promoted by top publishers. If you already have a free merchant account with us, you know that you’re able to view the content we provide to publishers for your program and add program details to your profile page in our public Merchant Hub.

Did you know that we also provide a premium upgrade that gives you increased exposure and additional tools to boost your affiliate program? I know you’re looking for more ways to catch the eye of publishers this holiday season, so take a look at what you can gain with this easy upgrade!

  • Pushed Deals – Add a coupon, sale, free shipping offer or gift with purchase. These deals can be pushed to all affiliates or you can make them exclusive for select affiliates.

affiliate program promotion

  • Expedited Deal Processing – Boost the priority of your program’s deals in our queue. Each deal receives a queue score according to its percentage off, expiration date, the number of our clients (your affiliates) who have chosen the program AND whether or not the merchant is a paid subscriber.

    • Your deals are expedited through our processing systems and get out for distribution to our clients’ sites faster. (Especially helpful during the Q4 busy season!)


    • Premium Listings – List additional program details on your merchant profile page:promote affiliate program
      • Program Description
      • Welcome Message
      • Private Commission Rate Opportunities
      • Placement Bonuses:
      • Vanity Coupons:
      • Preferred Merchant Flag
      • See an example on the Things Remembered Merchant Profile Page


      • Deal Alerts – Let publishers know about your great offers! Share up to 10 alerts each month. Alerts will appear:
        • On the FMTC dashboard
        • Newsletter to clients
        • Twitter feed (limited to 1/week)
        • Facebook page (limited to 1/week)

        promote affiliate program deal-alert

        • Product Datafeed Cleanup Tool – We’re not distributing product datafeeds yet, but we are providing a way to clean up the feeds you pull from your shopping carts so that they are ready to be uploaded to your affiliate networks. Use this tool to:
          • Remove HTML tags from your feed
          • promote affiliate program screenshot-2016-10-07-14-19-01Clean HTML entities in your feed
          • Remove non-printable control characters
          • Clean white space by removing leading, trailing and double spaces.


          • Pods – Premium subscribers can build up to 100 Pods that receive up to 250,000 impressions each month. Pods are automatically updated blocks of deals from your program(s) that can be used on your site to recruit affiliates, showing them all of the high-converting content you have available for them to promote.


          • Featured Merchant – Your program will appear (rotated) in the Featured Merchant Placement sections in our dashboard and Merchant Hub. Promote your program with your logo and a link to your merchant profile page. Affiliates will be able to easily learn more about your program, join it and add it to their FMTC feed.

          affiliate program promotion

          • Newsletter Inclusion – We’ll include a message about your program in our weekly newsletter that goes out to our entire mailing list. This will include your program description, program details, and a signup link. We can also add a special promotion of your choosing.


          • OPM Additions:
            • Deal Download – Download all the deals we have in our system for your programs. This allows you to receive a CSV of every deal we have processed.

            • OPM Directory Premium Listing – Agency description, featured tag, and listing at the top of the directory.

            affiliate program promotion

            • Spotlight Post – We’ll write a blog post about your program and products that will be published on our site and sent out in our newsletter. This is available after being a premium subscriber for three months.


              How to Upgrade

              You can upgrade anytime in your account:

              1. Go to the Account tab and click Subscribe
              2. Select your subscription option
              3. Fill out your billing and credit card info
              4. Click submit

              Easy as that! You can also pay via Paypal or network bonus if you prefer.

              Please let me know if you’d like a free or premium account set up and I’ll get that started right away for you. I also have a premium deck that I’ll be happy to send to you. Email [email protected] for questions or assistance.

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