How FMTC Client Feedback Led to 90% Reduction in Processing Time

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Wellness Checks & Processing Speed Improvements

“Be Indispensable,” that statement is a fundamental value of everything we do at FMTC. Part of being indispensable is to provide exceptional service to all of our clients. With this objective in mind, we recently wrapped up a campaign of detailed Wellness Checks with some of our current FMTC datafeed subscribers. These Wellness Checks provided us an excellent opportunity to connect with you and receive feedback related to your subscription.

Your Input

fmtc wellness checksWe like to ask, “What are the things you would like us to keep doing, start doing and stop doing?

As a result of the feedback we received, further emphasis on deal processing speeds has been made. This has been done while maintaining adherence to providing high-quality content to display proudly on your site.

Our Actions

We recently added four new Data Engineers (DE), bringing this team up to a total of 9 full-time staff members. FMTC’s Data Engineers are the stateside team that standardize, test and categorize deals to provide clean and consistent data to all of our subscribers.

As a direct result of your feedback, we’ve implemented the following;

  • Less modification to the original deal/coupon labels to honor as much of the merchant’s messaging as possible
  • The ability to process deals that aren’t yet active, but also verifying them again once they go live

Also, we introduced our FMTC Automatic Deal Processing service to provide merchants further automation capabilities for populating deals to our datafeed subscribers’ feeds.

The Results

Our deal processing times have been cut in half since the beginning of 2016. We are processing twice as many deals in the same amount of time. Better yet, this trend has escalated to well over a 90% improvement in the month of June alone. We are processing deals 36 times faster!

Interested in sharing your feedback with us through a personalized Wellness Check? Please send a note to me, [email protected], and I will be happy to set up a call to discuss your FMTC account.

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