FMTC Behind the Scenes – Deal Aggregation

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Deal Aggregation

From the outside, FMTC may seem like a simple service connecting advertisers with affiliates and deal aggregation. Though this is true, the inner workings of FMTC are quite complex. Streamlining clean data to publishers is no easy task so I would like to share the process with you.

Deal Aggregation

You may wonder how we initially collect the thousands of offers we provide in our datafeeds. To start, we must apply to affiliate programs at the network. After approval, we integrate the program into our system by entering all the data from the network. This includes the network ID, affiliate link, contact information, product categories and more.

Once that is done, all deals from that program come into our system via the network APIs. We pull new offers and updates to offers throughout the day.

Verifying Deals

The next step is testing each deal to make sure everything is working properly. This is done by our data engineer team who do the following:

  • Test links and make sure the work and land on the correct page
    • If the link is bad, they build a new one or reach out to the program manager
  • Test coupon codes
    • Too many codes do not work or can even give the wrong discount!
  • Edit ad copies to make sure they are clean, concise, and error-free
  • Add or edit start and expiration dates, if necessary
  • Add deal types
    • Ex: coupon, free shipping, sale, clearance, etc.
  • Add product categories
    • Ex: Clothing & apparel, household, health and beauty, consumer electronics, etc.
    • Special holidays/dates are also an option such as Christmas, Black Friday, Valentine’s Day, etc.

After the testing and data-adding, which doesn’t take long, the deal is available our feed. Next, it appears on publishers’ sites the next time they pull an update (usually about every 20-30 minutes).

If you have concerns about processing times, learn about our premium processing enhancement here (included in the premium subscription). For any questions or if you want to learn more about the premium account, let us know!


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