Merchant Sync

Merchant Sync is a feature that automates your relationship management. Once you’ve enabled it, Merchant Sync will keep track of all of the programs you’re approved to promote by checking in using your network IDs. So, as you are approved for more and more programs, your FMTC account will automatically pick up the offers and add them to your feed.

Automatically Add and Remove Merchants from Your Feed

With our Merchant Sync tool, you don’t have to add and remove merchants from your FMTC feed. Simply join programs at the networks.

  • We will automatically match them up with the merchants we support and add them to your feed.
  • If a program goes offline or terminates your relationship, we can automatically remove them from your feed.

FMTC Merchant Sync Screenshot

Skimlinks Autopilot

Haven’t had time to join a lot of programs? That’s OK! You can monetize using Skimlinks.

Use Merchant Sync along with our Skimlinks Autopilot tool, and your feed will contain your affiliate links for programs you are approved for and Skimlinks URLs for programs you have not joined yet. As you join programs, we’ll replace your Skimlinks links with your network links.