Integration Options

You have a variety of options in creating sites, tools and apps to display the content from our feeds:

  1. DIY – Develop your own web or mobile application
  2. WordPress – Use our custom plugin for the Clipper theme


DIY (Do It Yourself)


FMTC provides high quality content that you can use to build the web or mobile application of your dreams. We’ll supply you with constantly updated deals, links and images through our datafeed that you can process internally and display to your visitors, readers, members and users however you see fit.


If WordPress is your CMS of choice – we’ve built a plugin to connect the popular Clipper coupon theme with our datafeed. Learn more about FMTC Integration for WordPress .

Need Help Deciding?

We’d be happy to chat with you about your plans and help point you in the right direction for integration. Contact us with your questions and to setup a time to talk.