Exciting FMTC Updates!

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FMTC Updates

First of all, I’d like to say I’m happy to be back from maternity leave! I had a wonderful 12 weeks with my baby girl but it’s nice to be working again. I know my team has done a great job of answering any questions while I was out but moving forward, I’ll be the main point of contact for all merchants and OPMs.

That being said, feel free to email me directly at [email protected] if you have any inquiries! I’ll be happy to assist if you have general questions about working with FMTC, how we work with publishers, or the free and premium accounts we offer. We want to help streamline the process of getting your deals on publishers’ sites and make it as efficient as possible, so don’t be shy!


Deal Processing

Speaking of efficiency, I’m happy to report that over the past few months our data entry team has been expanded and deals are being added to our feed in a very timely manner. Deal processing speed and accuracy are being improved regularly and we hope that you’ve noticed the difference. If you have any questions about deal processing or have any suggestions, please let me know.


More Improvements Coming Soon

We will also be making changes to our site in the coming months to make it easier to navigate. If you have any suggestions for site changes you’d like implemented, we are open to any ideas you may have.

Additionally, feedback is always welcome for any of our interfaces, including the merchant and OPM accounts. Don’t hesitate to reach out if you’d like to see improvements there as well.

Have a wonderful day!

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