Does FMTC Earn Commissions?

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does FMTC earn commissions

One question I am frequently asked about FMTC is how the company gets compensated. Do we earn commissions? This common question is important to know since giving another piece of the pie could be a downside for merchants. Some other affiliate tools will retain a portion of the commission that is due to the affiliate. Well, we have good news because the simple answer to this question is no.

Allow me to explain –

FMTC does not earn commission or benefit from higher commissions because we do not generate sales. We simply aggregate deals, validate and standardize them, and then provide those deals to our clients. We strip our ID and replace them with our clients’ affiliate IDs, which is why we do not receive compensation for sales. There are certain programs that offer a second-tier commission, which we do take advantage of when possible. We also earn second-tier commissions from our Skimlinks clients. Neither of these have any impact on our clients’ commissions.


So how do we profit?


FMTC is paid by affiliates for our service. Our primary clients are Enterprise Level Datafeed subscribers such as Ebates and Our datafeed clients pay for FMTC’s datafeed products to be able to access thousands of verified and accurate deals for their sites.

This means that merchants can work with us at no cost unless they choose to subscribe to an upgraded dashboard account to gain more exposure for their program(s). If you’d like to learn more about the premium option, you can request a deck here.

This mutually beneficial relationship between programs and FMTC is a great way for us to get the content we need for our feeds as well as promote merchant’s deals. Here at FMTC we thank you for being a part of our platform and hope to continue to grow with your support!


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