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Demystifying FMTC…What We “Do”

Have you ever wondered what exactly FMTC does? Well, let me put your curiosity to rest and explain how this innovative company functions. At the most basic level, FMTC is a service to affiliates, and a tool that can be used to access validated and standardized content. First, we join programs as an affiliate, so we can access the data in the networks. We aggregate all of the deals, offers, promos, and logos from programs across 24 different networks and data sources. Then, our efficient data entry team does the meticulous work of testing and editing all of the deals for you. Once they are processed, deals are then added to our inventory and available for our clients, where our affiliate ID is removed and replaced with the FMTC client’s ID.

Building Blocks of FMTC:

    • Content – We collect numerous deals such as coupon codes, shipping offers, BOGO offers, new customer offers, local deals, holiday categories and more!
    • Clients – Our service is used by coupon/deal sites, publishers and bloggers. We also help merchants and OPMs connect with these affiliates with a special set of affiliate manager-facing services.
    • Services – We offer a variety of services, but the primary ones include:
      • Subscriptions to our feed – Premium, Mini, Local, UK, Australian and Canadian Feeds are available. Sign up for a free trial today!
      • Merchant and OPM Subscriptions – We offer subscriptions for merchants with a single program or multiple programs, as well as a subscription for OPMs with multiple merchants. This allows subscribers to see what their content looks like in our system and get extra exposure to our clients. Get access for free or upgrade to a paid subscription to gain more features and advertising opportunities.
      • Fresh Press Media Marketplace – This is an influencer marketplace that simplifies the connection, payment, and communication for influencers and advertisers. Sign up for free and start creating partnerships today!

I hope this piece has brought to light some of the facets of our company. I will to continue to provide insight each week with tips and information on FMTC. As always, don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions or suggestions.


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