CJ Impression Tracking (& The Home Depot)

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If you are active in the Home Depot affiliate program, you may have recently received a notice such as:

Good Afternoon,


Going forward The Home Depot affiliate program will require all enrolled publishers to implement CJ impression tracking functionality on their sites. The impression KPI has become an immediate requirement due to The Home Depot’s internal attribution model. Without the ability to track impressions the long term viability of The Home Depot affiliate program will be in jeopardy. The upside is that with impression data, The Home Depot affiliate program can receive additional funding moving forward.


Today – March 7th – The Home Depot program will push a $0 program term to all publishers who are currently not tracking impressions through the CJ system. The program term will take effect on 3/15 and it will be live until impression tracking is confirmed on your site.


Setting up impression tracking will vary publisher to publisher, so please reach out to your CJ account manager with any questions that come up as you implement.


As a general rule of thumb, please try and use the full HTML code in order to track impressions, instead of the condensed Click URL version. See example for a logo link below.


CORRECT (HTML Code): <a href=”” target=”_top”>
<img src=”″ width=”100″ height=”40″ alt=”Shop top deals at ” border=”0″/></a>)


INCORRECT (CLICK URL): <a href=”” target=”_top”>

I’ll let our readers argue the points of this email in the comments, but one of our clients emailed us when CJ stated, “[client name] will have to pull Home Depot directly from CJ or our feed; not from FMTC.”

That’s not true.

FMTC cleans up, tests, verifies, adds metadata, and standardizes deals from all affiliate programs, so pulling from another source not only would require programming resources, but it would also result in adding unsanitized data to your website.

After hearing of this change, our engineers came up with a solution which is available immediately to answer Home Depot’s request to track impressions via Commission Junction.

If you are using the JSON or XML version of our V2 feed, which you should be by now, there’s a new field with each deal containing the impression pixel. In the XML feed, the field is named “pixelhtml” and in the JSON feed, it’s named “cPixelHTML”.

When you display a deal which contains a non-empty Pixel HTML value, output that data with the deal so the network can track that the deal was displayed. This field currently includes an HTML image (such as <img src="" width="1" height="1" border="0" />) but may include Javascript tracking if the platform requires it. Currently, this feature is only implemented for Commission Junction and LinkShare merchants, and only the JSON or XML format of our V2 feed.

If you need help adding this to your site, or are not using a format of our feed which supports this addition, please contact support and we’ll help you out. And if you represent a network or merchant who has a particular need, let’s talk and work together!

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