But most of all, Be thankful

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Family, friends, football and shopping are just some of the reasons to love Thanksgiving. While the holiday season approaches, the team at FMTC took a few minutes to share traditions, recipes, and memories of this special day of thanks.

The Preparation

Do you get your Turkey Trot in before the big meal? Amy Powell does. A tradition that many love in their communities. Nothing says I am having a second plate-like guilt free eating because of your long morning run.

On the other hand, you may find yourself more like Caleb (or me), and that is sitting in front the tv enjoying the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. There is something about the curiosity of what old balloons are coming back, one from 1927 this year, and the anticipation of the jolly guy in a red suit showing up at the end that helps get anyone in gear for the holidays.

The Recipes

So let’s get down to it, what are we all really in for? THE FOOD! Most of us probably have the basics: turkey, stuffing, cranberries, sweet potatoes, yams, and the list goes on. Others have that one food that no Thanksgiving meal is complete without.

Rachel can not imagine hers without rice stuffing, and for Megan, it’s the gravy. Caryn is always trying out a new recipe. This year it is Tater Tot Stuffing and Mint Chocolate Chip Ice-cream pie. No traditional desserts needed for her family.

Oh, & please don’t forget the green bean casserole. I know it is a bunch of canned goods thrown together and warmed up to perfection, but Danielle and I believe it is a must at any Thanksgiving table.

After Dinner Festivities

Are you one of the lucky few who does not end up in tryptophan coma after consuming your turkey meal? Okay, so maybe that is a myth, but Neal appreciates his nap on a full tummy. For Mitch and Amy Walsh who skipped the napping, they recall playing Left, Right & Center, while their food settle.

Eric can not imagine the holiday without watching Planes, Trains & Automobiles. Did you know there was a Thanksgiving movie that doesn’t feature Charlie Brown?

The Gratitude

alicia-author-imageThanksgiving is a special time to take a few moments and remind ourselves of all we have to be grateful for. At FMTC we are especially grateful for all of our wonderful clients and coworkers.

Happy Thanksgiving, Gobble Gobble!

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