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Happy Tuesday! First of all, I want to say thank you to all the program managers that submitted their program updates for our new public merchant hub! We want to ensure that we are providing affiliates with all the best information for your program(s) and help you recruit more partners. Many people have been asking about how to get increased exposure, so I want to provide a full list of the premium listings included with an upgraded account.

Enhance Your Program Listingpreferred 2

Preferredpreferred 1 Tag – New upgrade! Have your program listed as preferred in both the program search results and on your merchant info page.

Program Description – Tell affiliates all the great things about your program and what you offer customers, list products, describe how successful you are, or anything else that you’d like to add.

Welcome Message – Draw in affiliates by letting them know what they’ll have access to if they join and promote your program. List info such as commission details, what types of promotions you offer, and the support they’ll be receiving from your affiliate management team.

Private Commission Rate, Placement Bonuses & Vanity Coupons – If you offer these items, be sure to list them out so affiliates know if they’ll be able to use them.

premium listing

Featured Merchant – Your program will appear (rotated) in the Featured Merchant Placement section on our dashboard. Here you can promote your program with your logo and a link to your merchant profile page. Affiliates will be able to easily learn more about your program, join it and add it to their FMTC feed.


Access Additional Tools and Features

Spotlight Post – Want to put your program in the limelight? We’ll put together an informative blog post about your program and any offers you’d like to promote. We have a simple questionnaire for you to fill out, then we’ll take care of the rest! View examples of previous spotlights here. This is available after being a premium subscriber for 3 months.

Deal Alert – Now you can promote deals quickly through your merchant account! We will distribute your message or deal by posting them on the dashboard, sending out a tweet and Facebook update (limited to 1/week), and adding them to our newsletter.

Expedited Deal Processing – To provide our clients with top-quality data, our team of data engineers validate each deal manually. They check that links are working and landing on the right page, test codes to make sure they’re functioning properly, categorize each deal, and standardize labels for consistency. With the premium subscription, you have a higher ranking that prioritizes your program’s deals in our queues to be processed more quickly.

And more! – We also have tools and features to add deals directly through the dashboard, clean up your product datafeed, and build pods.

See more details on all these features and pricing (starting at only $50/month) on our newly updated subscription info page.


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