Program Managers – Valentine’s Day Tips You’ll Love

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Valentine's Day

The internationally celebrated day of love and romance is almost here! Whether you’re a fan of Valentine’s Day or not, you can bet consumers will be looking for gifts and other products to celebrate. Gaze upon these tips to make sure you’re making the most of this popular holiday.

Products to Promote

Take advantage of Valentine’s Day to heavily promote any products that consumers will be looking for, such as:

  • Candy, candy, and more candy – Sweet treats, especially chocolate, is one of the #1 gifts that people give that never gets old. Or, they may just enjoy buying some for themselves!
  • Flowers – We all know roses and bouquets are very popular gifts so make sure your flower products stand out and are unique. You also don’t have to limit this to just real flowers! Silk flowers are great for decorating or giving something that won’t wilt.
  • Jewelry – Whether you sell affordable or luxury jewelry, these shiny gifts are sure to attract attention. Make a Valentine’s Day special page that promotes your top jewelry products and feature any special items related to hearts and love. Personalization is also a great thing to add.
  • Gift Baskets – Even if your site doesn’t specialize in gift baskets normally, you can create some just for this holiday to make gift-giving easy. If you sell any type of food or beverage, make some Valentine’s Day specials in pretty packages or simple bundle-offers.
  • Apparel – What’s the most popular thing to do on Valentine’s Day? Go on a date, of course! Collect some date night outfits or accessories to promote that will make your customers feel like a million bucks.
  • Tech Gadgets – We all know what gifts women usually like getting, but what about the guys? Encourage your customers to buy their boyfriends or hubbies fun or nifty gadgets that they’ll love. Afterall, guys need some love and appreciation too.
  • Stuff for Singles – Not everyone will want to celebrate Valentine’s day, especially if they’re single, so how about promoting any of your products as a “gift-to-self”? This can be applied to virtually any product category so be creative and promote-away.

Make Valentine’s Day Deals More Appealing

Now you can take your products and create promotions to help them fly off the shelves and into online shopping carts. Here are a few tips to attract customers – no love potion required.

  1. Use a Coupon Code – Customers enjoy using coupon codes that give them instant savings on your products. Publishers also prefer deals to have coupon codes so any deals in our feed that contain a code get a higher ranking.
  2. Include Free Shipping – Free Shipping is also a heart-winner since paying for shipping is one of the cons to shopping online. Even if you can’t offer free shipping sitewide for a limited time, lower your threshold so customers can fill up their cart with gifts and reap the benefits of free shipping.
  3. Make Deals Short Term – Flash sales or deals that only last a few days make customers act quickly to complete their purchase. No one wants to miss out on an awesome deal so you’ll have less abandoned carts and more sales to look forward to.
  4. Create Affiliate Exclusives – Make some exclusive codes for your top-performing affiliates to promote. Just be sure that the exclusive deal you’re providing to them is better than any general codes or deals you’re already promoting on site. Affiliates love exclusive deals and their site visitors will love them too.

Cheers to a sweet and successful Valentine’s Day!