New Premium Processing Enhancement

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fmtc premium merchant deal processing
With Q4 being the busiest season, our system pulls in thousands of deals and coupons each day for the holidays. Our data engineer team works overtime to keep up with with the workload and still validate each offer to provide quality data to publishers. As a result, there can be a delay with longer processing times so we’ve created an enhancement for our premium merchants to further expedite deal processing.

New Designated Premium Processing Queues

Premium merchants automatically get a 33% boost in our queue-processing priority, but we’ve gone a step further to create premium-only queues where all deals from preferred merchants go. These queues are top-priority for our data engineers and get taken care of ASAP. This ensures that all premium deals get added to our feed and onto publishers’ sites as quickly as possible.

Larissa Feuerstein opm merchant relationsNot a premium merchant but want to be? Let us know! You can see all the other features included in the upgrade here. Premium accounts start at $50/month and are on a month-to-month basis. We’d love to help the rest of Q4 go extra smooth for you.

Have a wonderful Holiday season!