Here We Go 2020! How to Start the New Decade Right

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We are already in the middle of January 2020 and I’m just barely deciding on my New Year’s resolutions. As you can tell, I’m not super motivated to make drastic resolutions since most of the time, they fizzle out shortly after the New Year. But, I do think that there is always room for change, growth, and improvement. I also think ringing in a new year, and a new decade, deserves some thought at how I can be a better person. This goes for my professional life and personal life.

Set Attainable Goals

I’ve touched on this in previous posts, but I think the key to making great resolutions is setting attainable goals. This means that what you’re trying to achieve is realistic. I’m not saying you can’t shoot for the stars if you’re motivated enough and have the resources, but starting out with something smaller but still meaningful can be the beginning of a huge accomplishment.

Looking to grow your business? Brainstorm what your primary function is as a company and what your customers or clients are looking for. How can you make their lives easier or provide the best possible service to them? You may already be offering a great product, but there is always a way to make it even better. Once you decide on how you can improve, break that big goal down into steps. What actions will need to be taken in order to achieve this? Is there something you or your team can be doing every day to reach this goal? If so, make that one of your resolutions. Change requires action and even if there is only a little action taken each day, over time, this will result in significant growth.

A Personal Note

Speaking of small actions and attainable goals, one of my resolutions is simply to educate myself a little bit each day. This can be on a professional level like reading an article that is significant to the performance marketing industry. Or, it can be reading a chapter of a book each day. Taking a few minutes each day to read and learn will expand my knowledge and is definitely attainable.

My question for you is, what daily actions can you take to make a difference in 2020? This would be a great thing to discuss with your team or even your family. I look forward to what this new year will bring and I hope you do too!

All successful people have a goal. No one can get anywhere unless he knows where he wants to go and what he wants to be or do.” – Norman Vincent Peale