Get a Sneak Peek at Pods

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Did you notice something new when you logged into your FMTC account today?

pods on dashboardWe’re working on a new tool – and we’re giving you a sneak peek and a free trial to check it out and see how it works for you! Take a look at your FMTC dashboard to find the new tab labeled “Pods”.

What are Pods?

Pods are fully automated blocks of content for your site. You tell us what you want to display, like:

  • Offers from your favorite merchant
  • Deal types like Buy-One-Get-One (BOGO) sales or Free Shipping offers
  • Coupons for a category like Women’s Shoes
  • Or any combination – like Coupons from your favorite merchant on Women’s Shoes

Place your Pod anywhere on a page, a blog post or in your sidebar widgets – and we’ll keep it filled with the latest offers.

Why Should I Build a Pod?

  • They are super easy to build, just choose what you want to display and check the live preview to be sure the content looks just right for your audience.
  • Use our WordPress plugin to add your Pod to your page, blog post or widget using a simple shortcode.
  • The links in your Pod will be monetized with your affiliate ID and/or Skimlinks ID.
  • Set it and forget it. Pods will automatically stay up to date with the latest offers – so there’s no need to go back and update or switch out expired deals.
  • Pods contain real content – the kind that search engines can read, not just code.
  • Your first one is free!

How Do I Get Started?

Login to your account now, or create a new account using the form below. Click the Pods link on the main navigation and follow the instructions to build your first Pod.

For now, you’ll be limited to just one Pod... but we’ll be opening up subscriptions soon that will allow you to build far more.

Don’t have an account yet? Use this form to get your free account that includes our Deal Bank, Store Details and one free Pod: