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LambdaTest is a cloud-based platform that helps you perform cross-browser compatibility testing of web applications or websites. Use it to make sure they look pixel perfect across all browsers, browser versions, resolutions, OS, desktop, and mobile devices.

LambdaTest is one of the fastest growing SaaS startups in the field of cross-browser testing. Everyone who has a website needs to test it for cross-browser compatibility be it an individual or an organization.

In just 1 year, LambdaTest has gained over 30,000 users from 132+ countries who perform Cross Browser Testing of their website to ensure it looks amazing on any device their customers use.

Asad, LambdaTest CEO, had a vision to make something Adobe has built for designers, i.e. a single suite where users can perform all tasks related to designing, photography, videos, etc. Similarly, inspiration came from addressing the problem testers and developers face every day, which is hopping on different platforms to make sure their website looks flawless.

With an aim to cut down steps, included in testing web applications, LambdaTest was created. They launched their manual cut in November 2017 and will be launching an automation cut in December.

Program Features

• Perform real-time testing across 2000+ combination of desktop & mobile browsers on cloud
• Execute automated screenshot and responsive testing of your website
• Debug with native debugging tools on desktop and mobile browsers
• Test your locally or privately hosted website using SSH Tunnel
• Smart UI testing to identify visual regression bugs
• One click bug logging to your favorite bug tracking tool like Asana, BitBucket, GitHub, JIRA, Microsoft VSTS, Slack, Trello etc.
• 24×7 support

Make your website look pixel perfect in all devices, OS, and platform by using LambdaTest.

Join the LambdaTest Affiliate Program and earn 50% commission on the first transaction followed by recurring 25% commission.