Create a Hybrid Opportunity in the Fresh Press Media Marketplace

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What is hybrid opportunity?

Hybrid opportunities are currently a popular solution for affiliate and influencer marketers. These hybrid opportunities allow brands the chance to combine the best of two worlds. Brands can offer performance-based commissions to an influencer or affiliate, along with a placement fee for creative content such as blog posts, Instagram photos, and more. This model builds on the influencer’s reach by providing a platform to continue working with brands in a long-term relationship.


How do hybrid opportunities work?

For agencies or OPMs with affiliate programs looking to partner with influencers, Fresh Press Media is a great tool to get started. We’ll work with you to join your program, and we’ll provide each influencer with an affiliate link and a unique sub-ID to use for tracking. You can pay commissions directly through your affiliate program. (Note: We operate on a rev-share basis, so we’ll take 20% of the commission and send 80% of it to the publisher.)


What can I do to achieve the best results?

We recommend combining a reasonable placement fee with an aggressive commission rate to get the best results. This combination provides the influencer with an incentive to go above and beyond the content and continue to share your products to drive sales. Additionally, offering perks such as a unique coupon code for the influencer helps them easily promote your product across all of their platforms, provides their audience with an impulse to purchase directly through them, and allows you to track conversions easily. Don’t forget that giving the product for the influencer to use, photograph and review goes a long way in creating authentic content.


Where can I find more information?

For more information on hybrid opportunities, check out the articles listed in this post from Fresh Press Media: 6 Blogs Providing Insight on Hybrid Affiliate-Influencer Models. You can also review a tutorial for the process here: How do I add affiliate commissions to my opportunity?

If you’re ready to get started on your first hybrid influencer opportunity, you may click here to begin. This link will take you to the Fresh Press Media Marketplace, where you can create an account and get started today. Feel free to reach out to with any questions.