Coming Soon! Merchant Descriptions

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If your affiliate program is available in FMTC, you automatically get a free profile page in our Merchant Hub. This is our directory that provides information about your program for affiliates to learn more and even sign up. We include basic information like the homepage URL, primary country, logo, and more.

There is helpful network information like which network(s) a program is on and a “Join” link that takes affiliates straight to the network to sign up. We also include the publisher’s status so they know whether or not they are joined to a particular program.

For program managers, there is the option of adding additional program details (basic or premium) such as contact information, commission rate, and restrictions.

New Merchant Descriptions

Currently, we are in the processing of improving the details we provide in the Merchant Hub. The goal is to provide as much helpful program information for affiliates as possible. One thing we’ll be adding is the ability to display Program Descriptions, like the one below.

If you’d like to add a program description to your profile page, please submit it to [email protected] by Friday, June 28th. We prefer these descriptions to be unique and have 250 words, if possible. You can include details about your brand and what products you sell. Additionally, you can add affiliate program information, like commission rate, AOV, cookie length, etc.

If you have any questions feel free to let us know!