PMA Post: 2019 Outlook + Making A Game Plan

This post was recently published on The Performance Marketing Association’s blog, which you can see here.  (Special thanks to the Coupons and Deals Council and its chair Larissa Feuerstein for this post!) Say hello 2019! We want to help you ring in the new year with a complete outlook so you can hit the ground running. Timing […]

2018 Christmas Spending

Christmas is only 1 week away and you can bet there are still some last-minute shoppers trying to find the perfect gift. Curious to know what shoppers planned on spending this year on gifts? The American Research Group conducted a study to find out just that. 2018 Planned Christmas Spending The average planned spending for […]

how to build productive happy remote team

How to be a Productive and Happy Team

I’ll give a few pointers on how to ensure your virtual team is productive and happy. These tips could also apply if you work in an office (so don’t be afraid to keep reading).

Link Updates

Link Updates & Removals – How Do They Work in FMTC?

Have you ever changed a deal last minute or had to remove it early? If so, you may be wondering how that works with FMTC. Will the changes will be updated in FMTC’s feed? To help you ensure we have the most accurate information, here are details on how we update links.   Changes to […]

What Are The Benefits of Two-Tier Affiliate Marketing Programs

Before we get into the benefits of two-tier affiliate marketing, let’s discuss what it is. Two-tier affiliate marketing is when your current affiliates refer other affiliates to sign up with your program and then you pay your current affiliate either a one-time flat fee or a percentage of all commissions that the new affiliates they […]

New Site

Have You Seen Our New Site?

If you haven’t seen it already, we have recently updated our site We have information on services for Publishers/Affiliates, Advertisers/Merchants, and Agencies/OPMs. We’ve even made it extra easy for anyone to set up an account with our new signup link.   Directories We’ve also added links to our public program directory, called the Merchant Hub. […]

does FMTC earn commissions

Does FMTC Earn Commissions?

FMTC does not receive clicks on affiliate links, not to mention commissions from the affiliate sales, referred by FMTC clients. We operate on a subscription/membership model. Here’s how it works…