12 Fun Facts to Make Your Day More Interesting

  If you want a quick break from your daily tasks, read these 12 fun facts! You may be surprised at what you don’t know. 12 Interesting Facts Need gas but you’re driving a new car or someone else’s car? If you’re not sure what side the gas tank is on, take a look at […]


New Program Manager Dashboard Tutorials

  If you have a merchant or OPM account with us and would like a walk-through, we have new tutorials! We’ve made a few changes to the dashboard since the last tutorials were created. So, please check out the below videos for an up to date view of the features you have access to. Basic […]


FMTC Featured Merchant – Motorola

Motorola has over 85-years of history. They pioneered the world’s first mobile cell phone and then went on to dominate the cellphone world with the Razr. In an industry that was stagnant on incremental innovation for almost 10 years, with the Moto Z and moto mods, Motorola has reimagined what a smartphone can do. Moto […]

Deal Processing

See How We’ve Improved! Deal Processing Stats

Our primary goal here at FMTC is to provide quality data to publishers in a timely manner. Working with us as a program manager is a great way to get your deals out to publishers and know that they are working properly. To ensure quality, our data entry team manually validates each offer by doing the […]

FMTC Featured OPM: Snow Consulting

Snow Consulting is large enough to bring experience and resources to the project and small enough to move quickly towards your goals. Learn more about their competitive advantage in this post.

PMA Post: 2019 Outlook + Making A Game Plan

This post was recently published on The Performance Marketing Association’s blog, which you can see here.  (Special thanks to the Coupons and Deals Council and its chair Larissa Feuerstein for this post!) Say hello 2019! We want to help you ring in the new year with a complete outlook so you can hit the ground running. Timing […]

FMTC Featured Merchant – LambdaTest

  LambdaTest is a cloud-based platform that helps you perform cross-browser compatibility testing of web applications or websites. Use it to make sure they look pixel perfect across all browsers, browser versions, resolutions, OS, desktop, and mobile devices. LambdaTest is one of the fastest growing SaaS startups in the field of cross-browser testing. Everyone who […]

2018 Christmas Spending

Christmas is only 1 week away and you can bet there are still some last-minute shoppers trying to find the perfect gift. Curious to know what shoppers planned on spending this year on gifts? The American Research Group conducted a study to find out just that. 2018 Planned Christmas Spending The average planned spending for […]