How to Make Affiliate Marketing Easier (For the Enterprise-Level Publisher)

  Our Mission   Our mission at FMTC is to make affiliate marketing easier so you can become a hero. We provide you with solutions to save hours of valuable time and reduce stress. These solutions provide the highest-quality data with the most deals from a single point of access.   Let us do the […]

Affiliate Marketing News Roundup: Q1 2019

Affiliate Marketing News Roundup: Q1 2019   What’s happening in the industry so far this year? The end of Q1 is a good place to step back and evaluate some of the industry’s latest happenings. We’ve collected some of the most interesting news articles we’ve come across so far in 2019. Here are a few […]

FMTC Data Processed in Q1 2019

Data Processed in Q1 2019 vs. Q1 2018   We’ve collected a summary of statistics from our data processing team in Q1 2019. Compared to Q1 2018, we’ve seen significant growth in merchants added, incoming deals, and processed deals — both manual and automated. Check out the charts below and get a visual of the […]

How to Get Monetized Links for Publisher Toolkit Users

How to Get Monetized Links for Publisher Toolkit Users: Quickstart Guide   We’re really proud of our publisher tools, but we know many bloggers and website owners haven’t yet taken advantage of these tools. This post will go over best practices for using Deal Bank and explain how you can use it to save time […]

How to Find Publishers for Merchants Starting Affiliate Programs

How to find affiliates to promote your product   If you have a new affiliate program, you may wonder how to find new publishers to promote your products. We’ve compiled a few tips to not only find publishers and influencers, but help them easily promote your products long-term.   Choosing an affiliate network   As […]

FMTC Reveals New Core Values For 2019

FMTC’s New Core Values   We recently made an exciting new update to our values at FMTC. These values are a core part of who we are, both as a company and as individual parts of the team. We’d like to put a spotlight on these values today so you can learn about the unique […]

Affiliate and Influencer Marketing Statistics for Publishers and Merchants

  We’ve collected some interesting affiliate marketing statistics sourced from around the web to share with you. Check out the list below:   Number of Active Publishers in US and UK   How many active affiliate publishers are there? In the Awin report, (available with email signup) we can see some helpful statistics. They have […]

Affiliate and Influencer Marketing Trends to Keep an Eye On in 2019

Affiliate and Influencer Marketing Trends to Keep an Eye On in 2019   Affiliate marketing evolves quickly, and it’s important to keep an eye on the new trends on the horizon. Some of these trends may or may not be a good fit for your business, but it’s helpful to be aware of other avenues […]

Affiliate Marketing Guide for Beginners

Where do I start?   For new affiliates, the most important question is “where do I start?” Building a solid foundation will help ensure future success. If it’s worth doing, it’s worth doing right — the first time. So, kudos to you on doing the proper research as you build your foundation as an affiliate. […]

Kicking Off 2019 with Affiliate Summit West

Kicking Off 2019 With ASW   There’s nothing like a busy, productive conference in January to get your New Year started off right. For our team, Affiliate Summit West 2019 was a fantastic mix of client meetings, networking, and face time with each other. We all work remotely, so we get excited about meeting up […]