3 Secrets that all Deal and Rewards Sites can use to Drive SEO Traffic [Webinar]

  Join FMTC and Acquisition Digital for a FREE webinar on Wednesday, June 24 at 11:30am CT! Are you looking to improve your site’s natural search traffic? Deal and rewards sites have special needs and special opportunities. Listen to expert SEO Merove Heifetz and FMTC’s team lead Amy Walsh on how to create quality content […]

New Affiliates by Marketing Vertical Feature From Publisher Discovery

  Publisher Discovery has just announced a brand-new platform feature. Users can now search and analyze websites based on a specific vertical they have chosen. The list includes 80 verticals, making it easy to narrow down exactly what you are looking for.   According to Publisher Discovery, “Each of the two million websites has a […]

How These 8 Merchants Are Adapting During COVID-19

    COVID-19 caused a dramatic shift in operations for many companies recently. Adapting to new trends, consumer needs, and best practices has proven crucial to staying in business.    Shifting Advertising Budgets to Affiliate Marketing   Affiliate marketing as a whole has become a more popular advertising model for certain companies during the pandemic. […]

Introducing the Clean Republic Affiliate Program

Merchant Spotlight is a paid service offered by FMTC. For pricing and availability, please contact us. About Clean Republic   Clean Republic is the leader in Hypochlorous Acid (HOCl) cleaning. Hypochlorous Acid (HOCL) is a compound produced by the human body and is an integral part of immune response. The HOCl in our body kills dangerous microorganisms as […]

Best Practices For Merchants With Affiliate Programs Working With Bloggers

  In the past, Amazon Associates made it easy for bloggers to quickly and easily incorporate affiliate links into their blog posts. As Amazon has made changes to their affiliate program due to COVID-19, this leaves the door wide open for other merchants to partner with blog publishers. To help out, FMTC currently has a beta version […]

How to Increase Your SEO With Custom Content From FMTC

  Stay tuned for an upcoming Custom Content webinar announcement to learn more!   FMTC custom content is a unique way to take advantage of network deals. Our trained team of custom content writers will formulate descriptions to match your SEO needs and style guide. We have two levels available: Level 1 includes rewritten labels […]

CJ Affiliate COVID-19 Network & Consumer Trends Report

  CJ Affiliate COVID-19 Network & Consumer Trends Report   CJ Affiliate has recently created a COVID-19 Network & Consumer Trends Report. According to the CJ, “this report includes network-wide data and sector-specific analysis to provide visibility into recent consumer behavior. It will be updated weekly and will remain accessible over the coming weeks.” The […]

How to Make Affiliate Marketing Easier (For the Enterprise-Level Publisher)

  Our Mission   Our mission at FMTC is to make affiliate marketing easier so you can become a hero. We provide you with solutions to save hours of valuable time and reduce stress. These solutions provide the highest-quality data with the most deals from a single point of access.   Let us do the […]

Recap of FMTC Affiliate Data Processed in Q1 2020

Recap of Data Processed in Q1 2020   FMTC’s hardworking affiliate data processing team is off to a very strong start for 2020. We’ve increased our incoming affiliate deals by over 20%, almost doubled the amount of new affiliate merchants added, and increased total affiliate deals processed by over 7%.   Check out the details […]