how to submit offer free shipping day

How to Leverage Free Shipping Day to Boost Q4 Holiday Sales

As the only free shipping-centric holiday shopping day this season, Free Shipping Day represents a unique opportunity to boost Q4 exposure and sales. Merchants can submit their offer through the sign-up page on the Free Shipping Day website.

three things to do when google likes you

3 Things to do When Google Likes You

Whether you find yourself with a coupon or deal site that’s in good with the Google gods at this point, or you’re hoping to get there at some point – here are three rules to follow to save yourself from the adverse effects that an inevitable shift in favor creates

How to Add Deals in Impact Radius

Uploading links in Impact Radius (IR) is a relatively simple and straightforward process. The versatility of the IR platform, however, allows for a wide range of customizability when uploading promotions. Knowing which type of links you should use–and which types your Media Partners are using–might not be immediately evident.

this is jeopardy


You have been picked to be on the smartest show on national television – Jeopardy! You now have 30 seconds to share the most interesting thing about yourself. What would you say? I asked the FMTC team, and here is what they came up with

fmtc favorite board games

Let the good times roll….

The FMTC team loves game night. Here a list of our team’s favorite board games. You’ll find options for family game night and NSFW night, too.

2016 FMTC Tech Retreat

2016 FMTC Tech Retreat – Yurt, Meat, Code

FMTC 2016 Tech Retreat Last week was our annual “tech retreat.” We rented a yurt in Ithaca NY for a few days to work, reconnect, and have fun. As a remote company, it is crucial that we interact face to face. The boost to our morale and overall sense of being on a team is […]


But most of all, Be thankful

Family, friends, football and shopping are just some of the reasons to love Thanksgiving. While the holiday season approaches, the team at FMTC took a few minutes to share traditions, recipes, and memories of this special day of thanks.

Eat, Drink, and be SCARY!

Whether October 31st means frightening costumes or handing out candy to trick-or-treaters, FMTC hopes you have a safe and SPOOKTACULAR Halloween!


Happiness is…Trying a new Recipe

Do you love to bake or cook? Or do you know just enough to get by and save the dinner parties for someone else? At FMTC we are no strangers to the kitchen, check out some of our go-to recipes.