Affiliate News: Free Beer Friday Edition

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Free Beer Friday

My week has been filled with fires, sharks and collapsing bridges. On the flip side, it was also my grandmother’s 90th birthday who can still drink me under the table. I know one well-known internet-based company that offers their employees free beer on Fridays. You may need to crack open a cold one yourself to get through all of today’s affiliate news…

One of the hottest topics on the internet this week has been “Heartbleed” – a simple security bug that has possibly compromised the personal information of millions. Don’t worry, all personal information on FMTC is safe and secure. But you may want to change your password on all of these sites listed that were affected.

In case you missed Tricia Meyer’s free webinar entitled “The FTC and You”, Wade Sisson summarized the highlights. The FTC is also now saying that Pinterest pins must meet FTC Disclosure Guidelines.

Yahoo! reported that Facebook will bury posts that specifically ask people to like or reshare in an effort to minimize repetition and reduce spam.

Ginette Degner explains how Google “sees” affiliate links on the Snow Consulting blog.

BrandVerity gave some good tips for affiliate managers on Adam Riemer’s blog: Questions to Ask Yourself When Reviewing an Affiliate’s Website

PerformanceIN asks “Are women the future of affiliate marketing?” They were reporting data from Optimus Performance Marketing that disturbed quite a few women in the affiliate marketing industry. Maybe they should’ve included stats from AffStat’s Women in Affiliate Marketing Report. Do they know that both our CEO and COO are women?

If you’re looking for a job in the internet marketing industry, read these quick tips on the Performance Marketing Association Blog to make your resume stand out, then check out the PMA job board.

Busy Building Things reported that having a messy desk can enhance one’s creativity. I’m no longer embarrassed to say that I once won a messy desk contest that ShareASale put on years ago!  Although I am considering implementing some of Missy Ward’s tools for clearing business clutter.

And did you know that UPS Trucks never turn left? Now you do.

Wanna meet for drinks now? It’s 5 o’clock somewhere.

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