Affiliate Marketing News Roundup: Q1 2019

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Affiliate Marketing News Roundup: Q1 2019


What’s happening in the industry so far this year? The end of Q1 is a good place to step back and evaluate some of the industry’s latest happenings. We’ve collected some of the most interesting news articles we’ve come across so far in 2019. Here are a few of the topics:


Awin US unifies North American operations


At the beginning of 2019, Awin US announced they would unify North American operations. Awin recently acquired popular affiliate network ShareASale, but for awhile were operating independently.


Merging ShareASale and Awin is an essential step towards solidifying the end to end proposition for our North American partners,” says Mark Walters, Awin CEO. “We’re excited to continue capitalizing on our unrivalled reach and expertise, assisting retailers and affiliates to navigate through the continually evolving digital landscape with greater ease and security.”


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Source: ShareASale


2019 Performance Marketing Awards Shortlist Announced


Hosted by PerformanceIN, the Performance Marketing Awards feature a showcase of industry leaders. Judges from top affiliate companies debate over winners in a comprehensive list of categories before arriving at a conclusion.


With the 13th edition of the Performance Marketing Awards (PMAs) taking place on April 30 at the Grosvenor House Hotel, Park Lane in London, the shortlist for the awards showcases more depth than ever before, featuring the latest industry leaders that are shaping the UK performance marketing activity, which no doubt proved a difficult task for this year’s judging panel.”


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Source: PerformanceIN


The state of VR and what affiliates should know


VR technology has touched multiple industries, and affiliate marketing is no exception. What’s currently going on with VR and what should affiliates know about it?


Start to approach VR operators if you haven’t already, to build relationships with them and include there product reviews on your site. If possible, gauge the interest of VR with your existing player database. When adding reviews of these games or operators – allow for the visitor to leave user-generated content on your site. Not only will this give you a better idea of their interest level for virtual reality, but it also has SEO value.”


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Source: Affiliate Insider


International Women’s Day 2019 in the Affiliate World


International Women’s Day occurred on March 8, 2019. Many companies took the opportunity to celebrate the women in our industry on their blog or social media. They shared insights from these thought leaders and shone the spotlight on high performers.



Affiliate Nexus Tax Laws 2019 – Keeping Your Affiliates in Current Tax Climate


Last year, the Supreme Court overturned the Nexus law. This decision continues to affect the affiliate industry into 2019. What does this mean for affiliates now?

One of the biggest impacts from this new ruling is that sales taxes can now be collected in all states regardless of whether they have an affiliate in them. They no longer need an affiliate or office in those states to establish nexus. “This creates a burden and a liability for advertisers, who will now have to tax in all those states that passed those laws”- Jamie Birch, CEO, JEBCommerce. As a result, states who already had nexus laws in place will pass these new laws quickly. Other states may take more time to get these laws set up.”


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Source: JEBCommerce


The Awin Report 2019


The annual Awin report is a comprehensive guide to the current state of the affiliate industry. With just an email sign up, you can access this invaluable resource full of Q&As, articles, statistics, and more.


In this – the third edition of our annual definitive guide to the global affiliate industry – we provide a platform for our partners to share their insights on the state of affiliate marketing from a vast array of perspectives. Publishers, advertisers, agencies, influencer platforms, regulatory experts, industry bodies, and many more. All get their chance to speak thanks to a series of in-depth interviews, Q&As and thought leader articles.”


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Source: Awin


Preparing for the CCPA: 10 things you can tackle now

The California Consumer Privacy Act gives consumers certain rights, such as the right to know all data collected by a business (free of charge), right to delete data you have posted, and more. Read more at


In March 15, 2019, ShareASale published an article describing 10 ways to assess this act and how it will affect your business.


Actual enforcement of the CCPA will not begin until the earlier of six months after such regulations are issued or July 1, 2020. However, the law is still set to become effective January 1, 2020, and businesses should not wait on the Attorney General before taking action. Compliance with the CCPA will require far more than just surface-level cosmetic changes to a website’s privacy policy. For example, businesses will need to maintain records of their data processing activities and be able to respond to consumer data access requests.”


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Source: ShareASale


TradeDoubler Publisher API


TradeDoubler revealed plans for a publisher API to enable transparent relationships between publishers and advertisers.


Tradedoubler will be the first leading global affiliate marketing network offering a truly transparent, decentralised affiliate marketing platform using Blockchain technology for the storage of data. For the actors of affiliate marketing a secured and transparent Blockchain technology will render their relationship with trust derived from complete transparency and auditability.”


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Source: TradeDoubler