Affiliate Marketing Industry News Roundup 9-12-2018

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affiliate marketing industry news roundup

Affiliate Marketing News 9-12-2018

Thanks for checking out this week’s edition of affiliate marketing news roundup! I’ve collected some interesting and timely affiliate marketing news pieces and blog posts from around the interwebs.

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Tips on Getting Your Deals to Publishers Faster

“By working with FMTC as a merchant, you are connected to the industry’s top performers looking for promotions. Our objective is to aggregate thousands of offers, verify each one, and then provide them to publishers via our datafeed. FMTC saves affiliates hours of logging into affiliate networks, collecting deals, ensuring they work, and then posting the deals. We do all of that for them! Thus, many publishers prefer or even require merchants to work with FMTC to partner with them.”


Source: FMTC


Why Influencers Are the New Platforms for Affiliate Wave

“The arrival of influencers on the digital marketing landscape was eyed with much vehemence by veteran affiliate marketers. However the same veterans have started to foster major campaigns with influencers, marrying their own affiliate marketing technique in order to reap better benefits. Influencers have become the new conduits for the latest wave in the world of affiliate marketing.”


Source: Entrepreneur


Advertisers, Start Planning Your Q4 Campaigns Today

“September is in full swing, and Labor Day has already passed us. With just a few weeks until the beginning of Q4, it’s time for advertisers to start getting those influencer campaigns together for shopping season.

We recommend allowing at least six weeks for your campaign to start and finish. This timeline allows influencers time to receive your product, take photos or videos, and create the surrounding content. Allowing ample time can result in much better content than a rush job, so be sure to plan accordingly. It also allows you to hire the best influencers before their editorial calendar fills up.

Begin by referring to a checklist for designing your campaign, and then Part 2 of the checklist which prepares you for launching your best Marketplace opportunity.

Looking for creative ways to get influencers to spread the word about your products? Here are a few ideas for the holiday season:”


Source: Fresh Press Media


How to Optimize for Traffic, Views & Keywords on YouTube with Data

“Knowing how to find actual search volume and which keywords can bring you traffic when uploading YouTube videos can be tricky. You also need to think about which keywords will convert into revenue for you and what has the best potential for making money with ads. Luckily this is easy, when you know how to find the data before you begin the optimization of the YouTube video.”


Source: Adam Riemer


Why ephemeral content is here to stay

“One of the newest driving forces in future marketing strategies involves a type of content known as ‘ephemeral,’ which is a fancy word for ‘temporary.’ This technology was first introduced to the social media world with Snapchat.

With Snapchat, you can send short clips or photos but they only last for 24 hours on the other person’s cellphone. The idea of an impermanent photo or video opened up a lot of options for social media users.”


Source: MulitBriefs:Exclusive


Will Affiliates Help Turn Britain into a ’21st Century Exporting Superpower’?

“Given the potential growth this could bring to the economy there’s a huge incentive for the government to get behind this as a strategy. But actually providing such businesses with the support and means of achieving it has so far been somewhat lacking with critics suggesting that the newly announced initiative is simply ‘hot air’ and won’t offset the damage done by a hard Brexit that could rock trading relationships with the EU, traditionally the UK’s biggest market for its exports.

Regardless of perspective, both sides agree that there is an enormous opportunity. But for businesses tempted to experiment with selling their wares abroad, the prospect of knowing how to attract the attention of new consumers, unfamiliar with a foreign brand, can seem daunting. Committing marketing spend to a totally different audience with its own local customs, cultural nuances and consumer trends requires local expertise. Fortunately, that’s where one of affiliate marketing’s main strengths lies.”


Source: PerformanceIN


6 Resources to Take Your Q4 Marketing Strategy to the Next Level

“With the sun still shining bright and those of us on the East Coast still sweltering in 95-degree heat with 70 percent humidity, it’s hard to envision snowflakes, sledding and cocoa-sipping.

But, alas, it’ll be here sooner than we know it! And as an online marketer, you know all too well that there’s much to do and plan for now to get ready for the holiday online shopping season.

To help ease you into things, we’ve curated and compiled some of our most insightful infographics, guides, blogs and e-books that were developed to help you enhance your Q4 holiday marketing strategies.”


Source: Acceleration Partners


5 Lessons to Learn from Amazon’s Affiliate Survey

“For many years I have been following how Amazon uses affiliate marketing (through their Associates Program) to grow its business, drawing attention to noteworthy changes within their affiliate program, analyzing Amazon’s approach in my writing and conference presentations, and even trying myself as an Amazon affiliate.

Yesterday afternoon I was excited to see Amazon send out an email to its affiliates inviting them to participate in a feedback survey. The aim of the latter was stated as experience improvement ‘for everyone involved in the program.’

The situation was all the more special because this was one of very few affiliate-oriented surveys ever run by Amazon.

Being a firm believer in continuous learning from others, I couldn’t miss this excellent chance to put my ‘critical student’ hat and see what can be learned from how this survey was handled. There are five specific lessons that affiliate program managers may draw here. I am listing them below, using action verbs for each.”


Source: AM Navigator


Perfecting your affiliate sales pitch at conferences

“With Betting on Sports week just around the corner, you may be thinking about how you can make the most of your time at all the conferences and networking events. You’ll want to perfect your sales pitch. These simple tips will help you cut through the noise, save time and maximise the return on investment you make attending these events.”


Source: Affiliate Insider


Affiliate Marketing and ITP 2.0 (News and Updates)

“ITP 2.0 is a privacy change that targets third party tracking. Essentially there will be no more third-party cookie storage through Safari on mobile, desktop, or tablets. While this does not mean that affiliate commissions can no longer be tracked at all, it does mean that other methods need to be put into place.”


Source: PMA


5 Powerful Methods to Drive Traffic to Your Website

“Websites live and die by the effectiveness of the traffic they receive. Whether it’s readers that generate ad revenue or visitors that become customers, the traffic a website receives makes all the difference. Some websites need more traffic to be productive than others, but all sites are trying to improve both the quality and the quantity of their visitors. Here’s 5 powerful ways to drive new traffic to your website in order to reach your goals.”


Source: adotas


Snapchat is down with the youth

“The forecast for Snapchat users in the UK is 16.2 million, of which 5 million will be 18-24. By comparison, the number of UK Facebook users aged 18 to 24 is predicted to be 4.5 million at the end of the year (down 1.8% over 2017).”


Source: navigate



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