Affiliate Marketing Industry News Roundup 7-16-2019

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affiliate marketing industry news roundup

Affiliate Marketing News 7-16-2019


Thanks for checking out this week’s edition of affiliate marketing news roundup! I’ve collected some interesting and timely affiliate marketing news pieces and blog posts from around the interwebs.

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This Chrome Extension Calls Out Sponsored YouTube Videos


“The extension, dubbed AdIntuition, displays a hot pink banner warning users that “This video contains affiliate links. If you click on highlighted links, the creator receives a commission.” The extension was released this week for the Chrome and Firefox browsers. The researchers say they’re interested in applying it to other browsers and platforms, like email lists or blogs, as well. Getting it inside apps—even YouTube’s app—poses additional challenges, researcher Arunesh Mathur said.”

Source: Wired


How to Motivate Affiliates and Boost Affiliate Program’s Performance


“Your affiliates act from several motives. Their needs and interests, contrary to what many affiliate program managers seem to believe, go way beyond finances. The first step to motivating them is to find out what those motives are and act on them.”

Source: Affiliate Insider


IPMA sets out to recognise global performance marketers


“With 27 categories for applicants to enter, applicants can put themselves forward to win Best Content Marketing Campaign, Best Team in Performance Marketing, Best Technology & Telecoms Campaign and Best Travel Campaign, among other awards.

The awards will boost awareness of the marketing companies attending, with the intention of rapidly increasing attendees’ client bases and revenues.”

Source: PerformanceIN



4 strategies travel brands should use to maximise return in the affiliate channel


“A strong travel programme should invest in the tools that they can offer to their partners. For example, having a variety of widgets available for content partners to add to their site will allow them to show information on a specific destination. For price comparison sites having access to an API feed will allow to them integrate your inventory within their search engines. Consider having a dedicated partner tool section that provides in-depth guides and information on how to consume your API correctly. ”

Source: Acceleration Partners


IPMA Q&A: Affise on Winning Industry Choice of Technology


“Every year IPMAs is like a New Year celebration for the affiliate industry. It is a kind of sum-up at the end of the year, and the most prominent event bringing together different companies from the performance marketing industry.

Of course, we all want to win. But beyond that, we also learn, we see what other companies have achieved, and we find out how they did it. We collect the most relevant experience, success stories and try to implement them back in our companies. Isn’t it the best way to drive the industry forward?”

Source: PerformanceIN


Should Affiliates Use the Facebook Branded Content Tool?


“As part of our continuing efforts to help educate the industry on disclosure requirements, the Compliance Council has been researching the issue of whether and to what extent affiliates need to use the Facebook Branded Content Tool (also known as the Handshake Tool). Toward that end, we have not only surveyed affiliates about their use but have spoken directly with Facebook about their requirements. What follows is a summation of those along with outstanding issues we have with the policy.”

Source: PMA


Round Barn Labs: Growth Marketing Agency


“A lot of paid marketing teams have applied landing page improvements to their work, but only recently are some offering Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO). This is a more technical and scientifically disciplined test-heavy approach to learning and improving conversion rates across a site. Once a product/site’s conversion rate is improved, this can have compounding positive gains across paid, earned and owned marketing. We’ll elaborate on how this compounding effect works in a later section.”

Source: Round Barn Labs


7 Keys to Massive Success With Affiliate Marketing in 2019


“Affiliates range from dedicated website traffic specialists to publishers and influencers, all the way to your competitors you want to collaborate with. Whether you’ve never used affiliates to promote your business or you are well versed in this powerhouse promotional tactic, this is aimed at helping you see what the biggest opportunities with affiliate marketing are right now.”

Source: Influencive


Awin Thoughts: Diversity in affiliate marketing is more than a box-ticking exercise


“The affiliate channel is lucky in that it boasts many businesses that provide the resources and opportunities to support progressive initiatives. It feels like we’re now over the tricky first hurdles. Let’s work collectively to define what we want our industry to look like in the future and ensure affiliate marketing remains an attractive place for every capable person to flourish.”

Source: Awin UK



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