Affiliate Marketing Industry News Roundup 6-12-2019

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affiliate marketing industry news roundup

Affiliate Marketing News 6-12-2019


Thanks for checking out this week’s edition of affiliate marketing news roundup! I’ve collected some interesting and timely affiliate marketing news pieces and blog posts from around the interwebs.

The text that accompanies each article is a quote from the respective article/post.

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Coming Soon! Merchant Descriptions


“If your affiliate program is available in FMTC, you automatically get a free profile page in our Merchant Hub. This is our directory that provides information about your program for affiliates to learn more and even sign up. We include basic information like the homepage URL, primary country, logo, and more.”

Source: FMTC


Firefox is Blocking Affiliate Tracking – Here’s How to Stop It


“Read below and you’ll learn why and how Firefox blocking cookies as well as tracking code placed on the merchant’s own website may impact your affiliate tracking, and your revenue, from both an affiliate and merchant standpoint. I also share a step-by-step with screenshots on how to see what the impact on your own revenue will be. After, I share new tracking options that you as a merchant can implement, or if you’re an affiliate marketer, you can give to your merchants to help provide extra layers of protection for your income.”

Source: Adam Riemer Marketing


FMTC Data Processed in May 2019


“We think it’s important to periodically share meaningful statistics about our data processing. Every improvement made to our data processing team directly benefits our clients. This week we’re sharing some of our top statistics from the data processed in May 2019.”

Source: FMTC


The Benefits of Social Media Marketing


“In a world that runs on the Internet, creating a marketing strategy that truly helps your business is becoming a little harder. While some of the old techniques still work and there are the tried-and-true tips that are always there to help, the world is changing, and marketing strategies must keep up.

That is where social media marketing (SMM) comes in. This form of Internet marketing utilizes social networking websites (i.e. Facebook, Instagram, etc.) as a marketing tool. What is the goal of SMM? More times than not, it is to produce content that users will see, look into, or share to help a company increase brand exposure, broaden customer reach, and/or increase sales.”

Source: All Inclusive Marketing


Study: Influencer Marketing is How Retailers Can Reach Millennials


“Here’s what every retailer needs to know about using social media-based influencer marketing to reach millennials.”

Source: TotalRetail


How to Decide if You Should Get a Facebook Blueprint Certification


“Facebook Blueprint is an e-learning platform that offers free, self-paced courses on Facebook and Instagram advertising.

Since its launch in 2015, more than two million people have enrolled in at least one of the 75 online courses available. In the United States, more than 160,000 small businesses have trained with Facebook Blueprint. And by 2020, the Facebook advertising certification platform is expected to train 250,000 more.

If you’re looking to upgrade your Facebook advertising skills, Facebook Blueprint may be a good choice—depending on where you are in your marketing journey.”

Source: Hootesuite


The importance of using earned media to improve your SEO


“Affiliates need to stay on top of SEO trends in order to be the best, and grab market share of traffic in search. Here, we are going to look at the importance of earned media to improve your SEO. ”

Source: Affiliate Insider


Boost Your Income With Affiliate Marketing


“Here’s a clear definition of affiliate marketing, according to digital marketing thought leader Pat Flynn: ‘Affiliate marketing is the process of earning a commission by promoting other people’s (or company’s) products. You find a product you like, promote it to others and earn a piece of the profit for each sale that you make.’

But first, you must learn the trade secrets of affiliate marketing: the parties involved in the process, the types of affiliate marketing channels, how to get paid and the tips for success.”

Source: Forbes


Your First Day Checklist to Start Managing Your Affiliate Program


“Okay, so you just inherited your company’s Affiliate Program. While it may feel like you are standing on the edge of a huge cliff, soon enough you will be balancing it all. So, take a deep breath, you’ve got this – and I am here to help!

Since having a checklist is always smashing, I made you one for your first day as the new Affiliate Manager:”

Source: jebcommerce


Instagram Checkout and What this Means for Affiliates


“Pepperjam senior product marketing manager Katie Spurkeland runs through Instagram’s Checkout tool and the benefits this could have for affiliates.”

Source: PerformanceIN


The best webinars to learn about affiliate marketing


“There’s no lack of resources online when it comes to affiliate marketing, but webinars can offer plenty of focused and condensed information all in a matter of minutes, delivered by industry leaders. We’ve selected some of the best webinars to get you familiar with affiliate marketing, global affiliate programmes, how to introduce affiliate marketing to your company, and more.”

Source: Acceleration Partners


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