Affiliate Marketing Industry News Roundup 5-8-2019

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affiliate marketing industry news roundup

Affiliate Marketing News 5-8-2019


Thanks for checking out this week’s edition of affiliate marketing news roundup! I’ve collected some interesting and timely affiliate marketing news pieces and blog posts from around the interwebs.

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Tips on Being a Work-At-Home Parent


“My precious daughter was born last March – I can’t believe it’s already been over a year! She has definitely changed my life for the better and brings me so much joy. I can’t deny that even though it’s a blessing being able to work from home and care for my daughter, it does come with challenges. I have found a rhythm now, thankfully, and want to share some tips with any other work-at-home parents out there”

Source: FMTC


Deep Thinking on Deep Linking — A Straight Shot to Mobile Partners Using TrueLink


“One thing we know—the world has gone mobile, and so have their purchases. A growing number of consumer purchases are happening in-app. In fact, an astonishing 70% of mobile transactions occur in-app, and in-app’s share of all conversions (including desktop) has gone up 22% year over year. Consequently, it is vital for partnership managers to drive partner traffic directly into apps to get results, which is why Impact developed TrueLink™, a deep linking solution.”

Source: impact


Digital Fuel strengthens US presence with new Pennsylvania stronghold


“Digital Fuel Marketing has been given the green light to operate in the US state of Pennsylvania after being granted a licence by the state’s legislators, which will see them offer a number of affiliate marketing solutions on a fixed-fee basis.”

Source: Affiliate Insider


LendingMate Launches Affiliate Program with Share Results


“LendingMate, a lender offering an alternative to people who are unable to access mainstream credit in the Canadian market, has launched a new Canadian-targeted affiliate program in partnership with Share Results. will leverage Share Results’ affiliate technology and expertise in the Canadian market to grow its reach in the Canadian lending space.”

Source: PRWeb


2019 Performance Marketing Awards Winners Announced


“The 2019 Performance Marketing Awards went down a treat! Here are some of the highlights and winners of the fantastic event.”

Source: PerformanceIN


You Say You Want a Digital Transformation?


“Staying on top of new consumer learnings, expectations, and preferences is essential for companies to remain competitive and responsive in a fast-changing digital landscape. Transformation is not an easy task for any business, but the barriers can seem almost herculean to large enterprises in industries like insurance, finance, and health care. Not only do these organizations create communication under strict regulatory, legal, and privacy restrictions, they often face a deep-seated, institution-wide reluctance to tampering with what’s always worked.

But one company rising to the occasion in this respect is Aetna. It has begun a significant initiative to streamline its customer communication while enhancing its ability to deliver valuable, frictionless content experiences across its digital platforms.”

Source: Content Marketing Institute


Awin Crowned Winner of Best Influencer Marketing Campaign at 2019 PMAs


“With the Performance Marketing Awards now done and dusted, the Best Influencer Marketing Campaign category caught our attention. We take a closer look at Awin’s winning campaign.”

Source: Talking Influence


How to Select an OPM Agency That’s Right for My Affiliate Program


“So you’ve made the decision to outsource the management of your affiliate program to an OPM agency. There are a variety of reasons why this may happen. It may be that you need help to effectively run the program, or you realize it’s a full-time job, or you want to bring in seasoned professionals who can take your program to the next level.

There are so many agencies out there, it’s hard to know which one is the right fit for your program. To make things easier for you at this stage, I have put together a list of guidelines that will help you choose one that works best for your business.”

Source: AM Navigator


Performance Marketing Glossary Update (Download Now)


“The Industry Advancement Council, chaired by Choots Humphries, co-founder of LinkConnector, has been hard at work revising one of the PMA’s most downloaded resources–the Performance Marketing Glossary.”

Source: PMA


Admitad’s Annual Report Highlights Growing Power of Affiliate Marketing


“In the Admitad Report 2018/19, the Germany-based global affiliate network has presented a comprehensive analysis of affiliate marketing markets in Europe, America, CIS countries, MENA region, and Asia (India). The report, available for downloading here, covers a wide range of topics – such as how different traffic channels work for advertisers, layouts of traffic types for different segments of goods or services, average tickets, publishers commissions and incomes. According to the network, in 2018 online customers made 125 million purchases via its affiliate campaigns, spending $3.4 billion through the channel.”

Source: PerformanceIN


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