Affiliate Marketing Industry News Roundup 5-14-2019

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affiliate marketing industry news roundup

Affiliate Marketing News 5-14-2019


Thanks for checking out this week’s edition of affiliate marketing news roundup! I’ve collected some interesting and timely affiliate marketing news pieces and blog posts from around the interwebs.

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Newest PMA Release – Performance Marketing Glossary Update


“The Performance Marketing Association has released a revised version of one of their most downloaded resources – the Performance Marketing Glossary. This was completed by the Industry Advancement Council, chaired by Choots Humphries, the co-founder of LinkConnector.”

Source: FMTC


Presenting the ThinkTank 2019 Network Awards nominees


“The Awin US Group is thrilled to announce the nominees for the second-annual ThinkTank Network Awards.”

Source: ShareASale


Influencer Marketing Fails to Learn From


“Not every marketing campaign is a success. This is nothing new, but the advent of influencer marketing has introduced another unpredictable element in the marketing-strategy process. If you aren’t yet convinced that it’s best to exercise caution when working with third-party partners, these five influencer marketing fails may change your mind. Both brands and influencers can learn important lessons from others’ mistakes.”

Source: IZEA


PartnerCentric’s Stephanie Harris on how affiliate marketing is evolving in financial services


“Today we dig into affiliate marketing. It’s a model that was first made popular by Amazon. A company looking to increase its sales partners with content sites to promote products. If those content sites are successful driving traffic or sales or leads, they get paid. Nowadays, every major credit card player has an affiliate program.

Stephanie Harris is the founder and owner of PartnerCentric, a performance marketing agency. She and her firm work with major card issuers and banks to help them maximize the results from their performance marketing. We talk about why affiliate programs make sense in financial services and Stephanie describes the challenges in running a good affiliate program. Lastly, she gives us some tricks of the trade for financial firms looking to get into affiliate market.”

Source: Tearsheet


Rise Of The “Marketing Technologist”: How To Choose The Right Marketing Tools With Scott Brinker From HubSpot [AMP 135]


“Technology is supposed to help, not frustrate or overwhelm us. Do you struggle with using, choosing, or consolidating marketing technology tools? Marketers tend to love or hate specific tools. Is your favorite on Chiefmartec’s 2019 Marketing Technology Landscape Supergraphic? If not, there are more than 7,000 tools to consider. Which should you use? What to look for? Who should make the decision?

Today, my guest is Scott Brinker, vice president of Platform Ecosystem at HubSpot and editor at He suggests various strategies for selecting tools, so you don’t have to reinvent the wheel.”

Source: CoSchedule


Affiliate Marketing – the Best Way to Get FX Leads


“The financial health of your Forex brokerage lies largely on the ability to acquire new traders and retain existing ones, so getting creative with your acquisition and retention marketing practices is crucial to your survival.

It should come as a given that qualified leads are the result of a quality campaign targeted at a quality audience.”

Source: Finance Magnates


Why Retailers & Merchants Should Consider the PMA


“When speaking with other retailers and merchants about becoming members of the PMA, I am often asked what benefit we ( have gained from our membership. I thought it would be easiest to put a post together to list out some of those benefits in an easy to reference blog post.”

Source: PMA


Anthony Capano on the Affiliate Landscape, Global Expansion and Importance of Innovation


“PerformanceIN spoke to Rakuten Marketing managing director, EMEA Anthony Capano at DealMaker London 2019 on the event’s key takeaways, in addition to the changing landscape of the affiliate industry and how emerging technologies are steering forward innovation on an international scale.”

Source: PerformanceIN


A Career in Affiliate Marketing: What to Expect in the First Three Months


“AOV, EPC, Vlookups, oh my! That was my general thought after my first day as an assistant affiliate manger. Venturing into a new career in this industry, too? To help combat that overwhelm, here are a few things you can expect in your first three months of working in affiliate marketing:”

Source: jebcommerce


Wunderino rolls out GiG Comply to monitor affiliate activity


“Wunderino has teamed up with GiG with the aim of further strengthening its affiliate compliance processes, and will deploy the GiG Comply self-service monitoring solution to track affiliate activity and content for its brands.”

Source: Affiliate Insider


In Loving Memory of Affiliate Marketing. Now Say Hello to Partnerships


“Obituary: We are sad to announce that in 2019, traditional affiliate marketing died quietly in the ether. Born in 1997 (approx.), affiliate burst into the marketing world with a smile on its face and a fist full of opportunity in its hands. It promised huge returns with little work and no upfront marketing cost. In fact, affiliate had a near magical touch, pairing with publishers who would promote products and services for free, in exchange for a cut of the sale price.

Beloved by brands and publishers alike, affiliate lived a heady, highly profitable life during this heyday. But eventually, hubris and a reliance on a plug-and-play approach caught up with it—affiliate’s days of wine and roses seemed to be ending.”

Source: impact


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