Affiliate Marketing Industry News Roundup 4-3-2019

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affiliate marketing industry news roundup

Affiliate Marketing News 4-3-2019


Thanks for checking out this week’s edition of affiliate marketing news roundup! I’ve collected some interesting and timely affiliate marketing news pieces and blog posts from around the interwebs.

The text that accompanies each article is a quote from the respective article/post.

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Revised Tutorials for Program Managers


“Since we have launched the reskinned dashboard accounts, I wanted to update our new tutorials as well. Whether you have a merchant or OPM account, you can check out these tutorials for a full walkthrough.”

Source: FMTC


What Can Analyzing Over 180B Ad Impressions Tell You About Global Ad Fraud?


“Our Forensiq Fraud Lab team analyzed over 180 billion impressions to benchmark General Invalid Traffic (GIVT) and Sophisticated Invalid Traffic (SIVT) in desktop/mobile web and in-app environments.

The Lab structured their benchmarking methodology to give the best picture of what unoptimized traffic looks like across the ad tech ecosystem and in a selection of major global markets. It should be noted that the fraud percentages reflect the amount of invalid traffic the Forensiq Fraud Lab team found in traffic BEFORE any Forensiq filtrations or intervention.

So how does invalid traffic affect different markets? And how much money is at stake? Download our infographic now to see a current snapshot of global ad fraud!”

Source: impact


How to Get Monetized Links for Publisher Toolkit Users


“We’re really proud of our publisher tools, but we know many bloggers and website owners haven’t yet taken advantage of these tools. This post will go over best practices for using Deal Bank and explain how you can use it to save time and make more money.”

Source: FMTC


The importance of having an affiliate marketing strategy


“Strategy is the key for ensuring your affiliate program is working alongside the rest of your marketing efforts, to drive more sales. No strategy in an affiliate program leads to poor performance.”

Source: Affiliate Insider


This is the Best Lead Nurturing Strategy to Move People Down Your Funnel


“For several quarters, your organization has been excelling at almost every metric and you’ve been generating tons of leads.

The only problem is that you haven’t been seeing the kind of revenue that even comes close to the number of leads you’ve generated. While there could be a number of reasons behind this, it typically stems from improper lead nurturing or the lack of it.

It’s not enough to just generate leads because those leads do not automatically translate to revenue. For that, you need them to convert.

And to convert them, you need to nurture them so that they follow the conversion path in your sales funnel and eventually result in a sale.”

Source: CoSchedule


2019 PMA Shortlist Drinks Hosted at Webgains’ HQ


“Webgains, a 2019 shortlisted company, hosted the shortlist networking drinks (March 27) at their impressive London HQ on 21 Farringdon Road. The affiliate network, who are shortlisted for three awards and representatives from other shortlisted companies, including the PMA headline sponsor Tradedoubler, TradeTracker, Smarter Click, Publisher Discovery, Groupon, Honey, Acceleration Partners and Global Savings Group gathered with fellow nominees and members of the judging panel to discuss the latest trends, their entries and anticipation ahead of the awards ceremony next month.”

Source: PerformanceIN


Affiliate Program Agreement: How to Create Its Terms and Conditions


“If you are setting up an affiliate program, you will need to take time to create an affiliate program agreement for it. Launching a program without clear rules or policies put in place is always a huge mistake. Our very own Geno Prussakov warns about it in his post on common affiliate program setup mistakes.

Affiliate program’s agreement — sometimes also called its Terms of Service, Terms and Conditions, or Operating Agreement — is the contract regulating your business relationship with your affiliates.”

Source: AM Navigator


LinkConnector Turns 15—Reflections from its Co-Founder


“As the first quarter draws to a close, LinkConnector has a significant and exciting milestone to commemorate—March 2019 marked LinkConnector’s 15-year anniversary. In our industry, where change is constant, fifteen years is a very long time.

Reflecting back, we certainly have seen much transformation in our industry. For example, Google entering as an affiliate network and then leaving several years later. Last click attribution, once the only solution available, is now one of the least popular forms of attribution. Affiliate Marketing becoming Performance Marketing to try to separate from the early black hat days of our industry. Now, some are trying to rebrand as ‘Partnership Marketing’ and some affiliates became influencers overnight. Due in large part to this constant evolution, entrepreneurship and innovation within our industry has changed how consumers all over the world find products, brands and services online. How cool is that?”

Source: LinkConnector Blog


What’s not to LOVE about Influencers?


“Actually, there’s nothing not to love about influencer marketing. Yet, most advertisers may find it hard to build a strong affiliate channel if they solely rely on influencers.”

Source: eAccountable


Nine great ways to generate traffic for your affiliate offers


“Sixty-three percent of businesses say their number one marketing challenge is generating traffic and leads.

In affiliate marketing, the advertiser has already created the product or service and the affiliate program, and provided the tools and creatives needed to help market their offering. The main task for publishers is to generate traffic to these affiliate offers, which equates to more traffic to the advertiser’s website via an affiliate link. This ideally leads to more conversions and higher profits. Therefore, to be able to generate traffic has to be top of the list of priorities for publishers.”

Source: ShareASale


Affiliate Marketing Program Budgeting and Communicating with Internal Teams


“Our CEO, Jamie Birch, recently recorded a short video to discuss budgeting in your affiliate marketing program. We’ve included that video below along with downloadable template to help you get started creating an affiliate program budget.”

JEB Commerce


The Benefits of Investing in Your Affiliate Tracking


“If tracking is the underlying technology that allows the affiliate channel to function, enables both advertisers and publishers to fully understand and optimise their performance, and allows advertisers to fairly reward publishers for their activity, then it’s certainly not an area that should be overlooked when it comes to investment.”


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