Affiliate Marketing Industry News Roundup 2-7-2018

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affiliate marketing industry news roundup

Affiliate Marketing News 2-7-2018

Thanks for checking out this week’s edition of affiliate marketing news roundup! I’ve collected some interesting and timely affiliate marketing news pieces and blog posts from around the interwebs.

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Program Managers – Valentine’s Day Tips You’ll Love

“The internationally celebrated day of love and romance is almost here! Whether you’re a fan of Valentine’s Day or not, you can bet consumers will be looking for gifts and other products to celebrate. Gaze upon these tips to make sure you’re making the most of this popular holiday.”


Source: FMTC


What To Look For When Choosing Networks

“One of the most important steps in launching an affiliate program is choosing the right network for your affiliate channel. Often times, I come across affiliate programs that are just not on the appropriate network. Whether it’s a reporting and functionality issue, or customer service problems, if you don’t properly vet out all the possible networks, and align your internal goals and initiatives with the tracking platform, then you may be set up for failure.

All in all, each network is great in their own right, and positions themselves uniquely against one another. There are so many networks to choose from, so it’s highly important to take your time when considering all the services the networks offer. Below are some questions to think about when shopping around networks for your affiliate program.”


Source: JEBCommerce


Boost Your Affiliate Program With These Placement Options

“Looking for ways to bolster your influencer campaign and get more exposure for your brand? We’ve got several options to choose from. They include sponsoring a Twitter chat, a spotlight post, and a targeted outreach email.

Choose one or more of these options to build awareness for your brand and affiliate program and get special attention from publishers. If you’re not currently running an influencer campaign, these options can be an easy and nice way to get the word out without spending too much of your own time.”


Source: Fresh Press Media


What The Future Holds for Affiliate Commissions

“If our 2017 affiliate program analytics, client feedback and benchmark reports have taught us anything it’s that commissions to affiliates are rapidly moving away from Last Touch attribution. We’re seeing this in the largest global affiliate programs to smaller, more moderately-scaled ones.

So, what’s driving this shift away from that antiquated, winner-takes-all approach to compensation? Technology – specifically platforms that allow marketing departments to gain more visibility into the multiple touchpoints along the customer journey.”


Source: Acceleration Partners


The Top 5 Affiliate Opportunities of 2018

“Affiliate marketers have no shortage of brands and products to promote. So much so that it’s often challenging to keep on top of the newest, most promising opportunities. Each individual new program launch on AvantLink is recapped on our Weekly Roundup posts every Friday, but that may still not provide a crystal clear picture of the verticals that are on the rise. Today, we consolidate those program launches into a list of the hottest new verticals that offer both a large selection of merchant programs and strong consumer demand.”


Source: AvantLink


3 Big SEO Mistakes Small Business Make

“You know SEO is important, but that doesn’t make it any easier. The fact is that SEO is extremely challenging for small businesses. In fact, it could be argued that it’s exponentially more difficult for small businesses than it is for large, established brands.

For starters, you have less money and less time. This puts you in a difficult position and forces you to climb uphill from the start. You also have to constantly stay abreast of what’s happening and keep up with changes, while simultaneously running the many other aspects of your business. Since you don’t have a full-time SEO guy on staff, you constantly have to pull double duty.

Then, there’s the fact that established brands naturally perform better in the search engines. As digital marketer Elisa Gabbert explains, ‘All other things being equal, Google ranks big brands higher in the search results because they have user behavior data indicating that people click more often on recognizable brand websites.’

With all of that being said, you have to be pretty perfect if you want to succeed with SEO as a small business. Among other things, that means avoiding the following mistakes that your peers frequently make:”


Source: Revenews


Why Publishers Are Moving Toward An Affiliate Model

“Shopify recently began working with BuzzFeed to increase visibility of its merchants, marking BuzzFeed’s biggest step into affiliate marketing to date.

The structure is simple, BuzzFeed will include links back to Shopify in some of its articles and receive a commission on any sales conversions made from those links. Unsurprisingly, BuzzFeed is getting a massive cut – 10 to 25 percent per sale.

Affiliate marketing has become a major staple for most online media companies. Last year, The New York Times purchased The Wirecutter for $30 million, hoping to benefit from the site’s niche audience and affiliate revenue.”


Source: Acceleration Partners


What is Affiliate Marketing?

“By definition – Affiliate Marketing is a sales channel made up of three parts. Affiliates who drive the sales, affiliate programs which are the offers or stores the affiliates promote and affiliate networks which provide the tracking and payment platforms that connect affiliates with affiliate programs.

Now if you’re ready to learn everything from terminology to how much you can expect to make as an affiliate, or even if an affiliate program is right for your company, then read through this post.”


Source: Adam Riemer Marketing


Does Affiliate Marketing Need a Rebrand?

“What’s in a name? A lot.

I remember the first time I heard the words ‘affiliate marketing’. The term sounded strategic, sophisticated and results-oriented. For those of us that know the space well, that’s exactly what affiliate has always been about.

We’ve always understood how brand and publisher partnerships deliver outstanding ROI — even as they enhance brand equities and reputations.

But not everybody thinks so positively when they hear ‘affiliate marketing.’ Instead, some draw negative associations based on historic issues in the industry. In the early days, brands rushed into the affiliate space – often without having thought-through strategies, measurement plans, and safeguards that ensured best results. As the money poured in, so did fraudsters anxious to get a piece. Further, imperfect partner vetting processes occasionally meant that ads for great brands showed up in not great places.”


Source: PerformanceIN


7 Deadly Social Marketing Trends for 2018

“Predicting the future can be hard. In 2001, Stanley Kubrick imagined a future with space stations and a moon base, where video calls still needed to be made in a phone booth. Predicting the future of social media is a little easier, especially when you’re only looking a little bit ahead, based on trends that have been proving themselves in 2017. So, here are seven trends that are important to keep an eye on in 2018.”


Source: Affilorama


How to Spend Less Time on Affiliate Marketing

“Running an in-house affiliate marketing program can be very time consuming. That’s why businesses often turn to simply joining an existing affiliate network, even though the pros are often outweighed by the cons. In general, it’s more efficient (ie. more profitable) to manage your own in-house affiliate program, as long as you can expertly manage the amount of time you put into it. Here are some ways to cut down on the time you spend on affiliate marketing.”


Source: Business 2 Community


An open letter to the affiliate marketing industry

“Dear Affiliate Industry,

I’ve seen a lot of change across the affiliate channel since I started out in 2002, mostly for the good, but I am concerned about what the future holds.”


Source: Acceleration Partners



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