Affiliate Marketing Industry News Roundup 12-12-2018

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affiliate marketing industry news roundup

Affiliate Marketing News 12-12-2018


Thanks for checking out this week’s edition of affiliate marketing news roundup! I’ve collected some interesting and timely affiliate marketing news pieces and blog posts from around the interwebs.

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How to be a Happy and Productive Remote Team


“One challenge that comes with remote work is being part of a virtual team. We have to work harder to keep up communication, morale, and support. It’s much easier to create bonds between coworkers when you’re together in an office, meet face to face, and can walk up to someone’s desk anytime to ask a question. Not having these options when your whole team works from home can create an interesting environment. Today, I’ll give a few pointers on how to ensure your virtual/remote team is productive and happy. These tips can also apply if you work in an office (so don’t be afraid to keep reading).”

Source: FMTC


Award-Winning Agency Names Director of Affiliate Marketing


“Affiliate marketing heavy-hitter Stephen Robinson is giving a whole new meaning to ‘coming home’ this holiday season. After cultivating 12 years’ experience managing some of the industry’s most successful affiliate programs, he has been named Director of Affiliate Marketing at JEBCommerce, the agency where he launched his affiliate career.”

Source: PRWeb CISION


Six DOs and DON’Ts for Online Marketing in E-Commerce this Christmas


“Creating visibility on the world wide web for your company or client and having an online marketing approach that is efficient, requires extra effort and attention this month. To ensure that you stay on top of your seamless execution this holiday season, we’ve pinpointed six DOs and DON’Ts for online marketing in e-commerce this December.”

Source: PerformanceIN


Partnerize Launches Partnership Learning Center


“Partnerize, the leading provider of partner marketing software for global brands, today announced that it has launched its Partnership Learning Center, an extensive collection of eGuides and other content designed to help make it easier for brands get better results from their partnerships. Partnerize’s award-winning Partner Management Platform (PMP) is an end-to-end, SaaS-based solution for forming, managing, analyzing, and predicting the results of partner marketing programs using artificial intelligence (AI).”

Source: GlobeNewswire


The Future of Retail: 2019 E-Commerce Predictions


“Technology has been the driving force behind the growth and development of the online retail sector over the last 12-months, and it’s unlikely this will change in the year, or years, to come.”

Source: PowerRetail


Black Friday thru Cyber Monday Affiliate Marketing 2018 Data: 3 Findings


“Last year, we analyzed the 2017 affiliate marketing holiday season/Q4 data, from nearly 100 online retail customers with annual revenue between $1M – $100M. While the 2018 holiday season is still underway, we wanted to share Affiliate Marketing data and three initial findings for Black Friday thru Cyber Monday 2018.”

Source: eAccountable


Affiliate Marketing Programs That Pay Per Click: Legal Issue Of Online Advertising


“Placing advertisements online can give you the opportunity to generate a good income. While there’s nothing wrong about having ads on your website, it’s essential to be wary about those advertisements that can bring you on the wrong side of the law, which can be a source of immense stress and anxiety. If you’re an advertiser, it’ll be beneficial if you do an ad campaign that’s free from any legal issue.”

Source: Legal Desire


Why Google Affiliate Network Sunset Was New Sunrise for the Industry – Affiliate Marketing Legends Interview Series


“It’s time for me to bring you the newest conversation that has happened within the framework of my ‘Affiliate Marketing Legends’ interview series. My today’s guest has an impressive amount of diverse affiliate marketing experience under his belt. He worked both for Google Affiliate Network (which, of course, is already history) and for eBay Partner Network, spoke at numerous conferences, and is now with TUNE. His career path and experience undoubtedly justify his inclusion in this interview series. Here is his profile (and the interview itself)”

Source: AM Navigator


Affiliate Marketing Results from Thanksgiving, Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2018


“In examining affiliate program data across a sample group of our clients over Thanksgiving weekend, we were excited by the results and growth seen by our clients.”

Source: Acceleration Partners


PMA Virtual Round Table: Juggling Industry Shifting Topics


“As the year draws to a close and we all focus on maximizing revenue during the holiday shopping season, we can’t forget to start looking forward to the first quarter of 2019.

As part of its continuing quarterly webinar series, the Industry Advancement Council invites PMA members to spend an hour networking and considering what lies ahead for January. Take a quick break from your daily hustle and join other members in a virtual round table call entitled ‘Juggling Industry Shifting Topics.'”

Source: PMA

Is There Fraud in Your Lead Gen Program?


“You hear a lot about impression-based fraud in the CPM world of advertising, particularly in programmatic display and video, but we don’t hear a lot about fraud in lead gen programs. Let’s take a look at the indicators that help you know if you are experiencing fraud in your lead gen programs and how you can stop it.”

Source: impact

Sprint Expands Usage of Partnerize As Its Exclusive Affiliate Program Management Solution


“Partnerize, the leading provider of partner marketing software for global brands, today announced that its engagement with Sprint has expanded beyond its initial Boost Mobile assignment to encompass all of the mobile carrier’s affiliate business. Partnerize was selected as the exclusive partner and affiliate program management solution for Sprint’s prepaid brand, Boost Mobile, in March. Swift technology integration and strong results for the Boost assignment led to the consolidation of all Sprint consumer affiliate programs on the Partnerize platform.”

Source: Nasdaq

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