Affiliate Marketing Industry News Roundup 11-26-2019

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affiliate marketing industry news roundup

Affiliate Marketing News 11-26-2019


Thanks for checking out this week’s edition of affiliate marketing news roundup! I’ve collected some interesting and timely affiliate marketing news pieces and blog posts from around the interwebs.

The text that accompanies each article is a quote from the respective article/post.

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Last Call to Upgrade to Expedited Deal Processing Before Black Friday!


“The busiest week of the year is here so I won’t take up too much of your time with this week’s post. I just wanted to give a last-minute call to upgrade to our premium merchant or OPM account to access the Expedited Deal Processing feature, along with many other features. Expedited Deal Processing means that all of your program’s offers will go straight to our premium processing queues. These queues are TOP priority and are processed before our normal queues.”

Source: FMTC


3 Problems with Calling Affiliate Marketing – a ‘Marketing Channel’


“What’s wrong with calling affiliate marketing ‘a channel’ of marketing? At least 3 things, and I dive into them in the below video:”

Source: AM Navigator


The Value of Coupon and Cashback Affiliates


“Most of us have heard the news this week that PayPal is set to acquire browser extension Honey in a $4 billion deal. This news was likely surprising to some.

According to TechCrunch, ‘Honey has flown under the radar to some extent since its founding in 2012.’ For those unfamiliar with Honey, it’s a browser extension that automatically searches and applies coupons to your shopping cart.”

Source: FMTC



Retailer thoughts from around the world on Black Friday and Cyber Weekend


“In the run up to Black Friday and the wider Cyber Weekend, advice flows on how to tap into the surge in e-commerce traffic and consumer interest. As such, this year we decided to ask those on the front lines of the action – our global affiliate partners, our advertisers on Awin and ShareASale – on their views on the looming Q4 shopping bonanza.”

Source: ShareASale


Ecommerce Conversion Rates Across Industries (And How to Raise Yours)


“Ecommerce is the ultimate optimization puzzle — from individual product pages to filtering mechanisms to your checkout sequence, every choice you make has the potential to have a massive impact on the sale of a given product.

But when you’re making changes all over your site, how can you know that, overall, those changes are adding up to customer and revenue growth?”

Source: HubSpot


How to Elevate your Affiliate Program Analysis


“Every well-run affiliate marketing program is backed by strong key performance indicators (KPIs); measurements that are used as guides for growth paths and optimization strategies.

Whether it’s analyzing revenue, orders, clicks, leads, commissions, conversion rate or average order value, understanding the ‘story behind the story’ of your data can help you elevate your affiliate program, strengthen relationships with partners and realize a higher return on your marketing investment.

Here are six important areas to evaluate within your affiliate program:”

Source: Acceleration Partners



Retailer thoughts on Black Friday 2019


“In the run up to Black Friday and the wider four-day Cyber Weekend, advice flows on how to tap into the surge in ecommerce traffic and consumer interest.

This year we decided to ask those at the coal face, our global affiliate partners, advertisers and publishers, big and small, for their views on the Black Friday shopping bonanza.”

Source: AWIN



Five Things to Know About the GTM Template Integration


“This year, Google corporation released Custom Templates for its Tag Manager service. Admitad was one of the first in the market to take advantage of this new tool and, after careful scrutiny, Google approved the solution provided by the company. Admitad dubbed it ‘simplified integration’ as opposed to the regular, advanced one.

What is so simplified about it? And what does one have to gain or lose?”

Source: PerformanceIN


10 Tips to Prime Your Partnerships for Black Friday and Cyber Monday


“There’s no time to lose when it comes to priming your partnerships to bring in holiday traffic and sales for the Black Friday/Cyber Monday (BF/CM) shopping peaks.

Here’s your ten-point pre-holiday checklist to ensure you and your partners have everything needed to fulfill your holiday wishes and sales goals on BF/CM and beyond!”

Source: impact


Strategies to Get More Instagram Swipes, Saves & Comments


“Optimizing for Instagram is all about getting your current followers, and people searching for hashtags to engage with your content. For this post I’m going to focus on how to increase Instagram engagement for your current fans and followers, with the goal of sending the right signals that your images and posts are high quality.”

Source: Adam Riemer Marketing


What to Ask on Affiliate Discovery Calls


“At last, after much planning and re-aligning of calendars, the day has come for you to have that discovery call with an affiliate. You are excited for the partnership opportunities, as there seems to be a lot of potential synergy between the client you represent, and the media partner in question. After you log into the call, the affiliate contact joins. But alas, your mouth goes dry, and your mind goes blank. What were you supposed to ask? Panic settles in as you mentally scramble for questions.”

Source: JEBCommerce


FTC Judicial Enforcement Authority Under Attack


“For years, attorneys practicing before the Federal Trade Commission have argued that the FTC routinely exceeds its statutory authority when it initiates federal court enforcement lawsuits. These arguments are finally gaining traction.”

Source: PMA



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