Affiliate Marketing Industry News Roundup 1-10-2018

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affiliate marketing industry news roundup

Affiliate Marketing News 1-10-2018

Thanks for checking out this week’s edition of affiliate marketing news roundup! I’ve collected some interesting and timely affiliate marketing news pieces and blog posts from around the interwebs.

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Updated Resources for Program Managers

“Now that 2018 is here, we all have a fresh start to a new year! 2017 was an excellent year for FMTC, and we had a few changes to the company and the features we provide. To make sure you have the most recent info, I’ve updated our manager deck and premium deck. Learn more and view our updated resources in the PDFs below:”


Source: FMTC


Digital Marketing News: The Visual Internet, Influencer Marketing Trends, Sneaky Ads

“Online media is increasingly visual — from personal photos to branded motion graphics, gif and videos. How can you keep up with the rising need for visual content? This infographic shares tips to help you stay on top of the trend and keep your viewers engaged”


Source: TopRank Marketing


5 Essentials to Pack for a Conference

“Many of us are heading to Affiliate Summit this weekend, and others may have different conferences or business trips lined up for 2018. While you’re packing your bags for Vegas, here are a few helpful ideas for items you may find useful during your conference stay.”


Source: Fresh Press Media


Is Google’s Panda Algorithm Still Relevant in 2018?

“Panda marked the beginning of Google’s war against web spam and black-hat SEO – a battle that the search giant has more or less won by now. In 2016, Google announced that Panda had become part of its core search algorithm rather than a separate part of Google’s wider search algo.

Which means we won’t see any more Panda-specific updates in the future. So how relevant is Google’s most infamous algorithm update in 2018?”


Source: Business 2 Community


How Much Will Privacy Regulation Disrupt the Local Search Market in 2018?

“Below, I take a look at the current environment and indicators that major changes are due in 2018. Then I cover seven ways changing privacy laws will impact the local search market.”


Source: Marketing Land


What You Missed From the PMA in 2017

“Even if you read every newsletter and watch for our social media posts, you probably missed something the Performance Marketing Association did last year. Here’s a quick wrap-up of some of the most important things we accomplished in 2017.”


Source: PMA and McClatchy Accelerate Affiliate Program Transition

“ Inc. (NYSE: CARS), a leading online automotive marketplace, and McClatchy (NYSE American: MNI), a news media company, today announced an agreement to convert the remaining 17 affiliate markets into the direct sales channel prior to the October 2019 affiliate agreement expiration date. The agreement follows an earlier November 2017 initial accord to convert five markets.

The new agreement includes marketing support payments through 2019 reflecting a continuing relationship between and McClatchy, a smooth transition and an opportunity to immediately introduce digital advertising solutions for the benefit of dealer customers. McClatchy also will continue to partner with, promoting in its markets while also acting as a premier digital marketing partner for other digital solutions through its excelerate™ Auto brand.”




Online Marketing Lessons from the Holiday Season

“Some of the data is in and the holiday shopping season was a resounding success for online marketers and ecommerce players.

There are a number of valuable takeaways that can be learned from the data we’ve seen related to shipping, returns, and the influence of millenials.

The data can be used to make better decisions going forward through this new year – as well as for the next holiday season. We will follow up with another blog post related to holiday shopping as more interesting statistics become available.”


Source: iAffiliate Management


4 Common Mistakes a Naive Affiliate Marketer Should Know and Avoid

“Affiliate marketing is a tempting strategy to fulfill the determined marketing goals. This is because it is easy to subscribe and earn on a steady basis. As a result, millions of marketers are adopting it. Many of them think that this kind of marketing is perhaps the most convenient way to earn easily. However, this is only half known fact.

It is the most convenient way to earn only if you have made adequate efforts and given sufficient time to it. Not knowing this is the reason why many beginners quit affiliate marketing. Many affiliate marketers show interest based on their strong belief that it is a simple initiative without considering its aspect of hard work. Thus, this is the first mistake that a naive marketer is likely to make.

Anyone who is a successful affiliate marketer shall easily affirm that it such a campaign demands an investment of effort and time to pay off in the long run. However, this is only possible if marketers are aware of possible mistakes and tend to overcome them. Even after stepping into this world of affiliate marketing, beginners are likely to make some common mistakes while kicking off the campaign. Following are these mistakes, which should be avoided:”


Source: The Future of Things


Metrics that Matter (And Don’t) When Measuring Influencer Effectiveness

“Influencers can add significant value to a marketing campaign. Top-notch influencer campaigns use high-quality content to start organic conversations about a brand with its target audience. At a minimum, brands gain exposure, but many brands want more. They want to see a direct link between influencers and sales.

As with all marketing, metrics matter when it comes to influencer marketing. Knowing what impressions, clicks, conversions, or sales a campaign generated helps gauge performance and measure progress. Historically, influencer marketing has been difficult to track and measure, yet the pressure on marketers to be able to measure the value and impact of these campaigns has risen steadily.”


Source: Acceleration Partners




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