Affiliate Marketing Industry News & Notables 11-19-2015

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affiliate marketing industry news 11-12-15

Affiliate Marketing Industry News & Notables 11-19-2015

I hope your week is going well and you’re all set for the coming onslaught of Cyber Week!

I’ve gathered some compelling stories and posts from around the internet of things, as it pertains to the affiliate marketing world.

A few items of note; Greg Hoffman becomes an author, affiliate marketing accounted for 16.7% of all online transactions in Q3, Millenials have become a vital customer group, and Wade Tonkin knows how to recruit affiliates. raked in a massive $14 billion in sales on Singles Day, November 11, 2015. Up 54% from last year’s already impressive $9B figure, we knew the Chinese retail therapy holiday would be a huge opener for the holiday shopping season. Coupon & deals sites see an increase of 33% in conversions on Cyber Monday.

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Merchants and managers that need to understand the affiliate marketing channel have a new resource for best practices. A new book published by Greg Hoffman Consulting, Climbing the Affiliate Management Wall, is now available exclusively on We want this book to really open up the eyes of the industry.

Source: Internet Marketing Gorilla



With the major shopping holidays coming up, it’s important to talk about fraud, how to spot it quickly, and know what to do when you find it.

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As we head into the holiday shopping season and Q4, columnist Jordan Elkind discusses some key trends in e-commerce and how you can your update your marketing plan accordingly. Affiliate marketing is the star of the show this year, jumping from 12.1 percent of transactions in Q3 2014 up to 16.7 percent in 2015.

Source: MarketingLand



  If you’re waiting for Black Friday & Cyber Monday weekend to kick off the shopping season, then we’re sorry to say you may be late to the party – but have no fear! We are here to give you some valuable tips and best practices to help you during the holiday season!

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According to a survey conducted by the American Press Institute, younger millennials use an average of 3.7 social media channels, and older millennials use an average of 2.9. This means brands must engage them on social media. Proactive engagement is the best method and helps to stave off any social media brand disasters.




Here’s a common startup scenario: Months have passed and the funding is in. Now it is time to really get to work and disrupt the market. Sales begin to take on increasing importance, and a great set…

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For years, I have frequented affiliate marketing discussion boards and forums and have seen the question of where to find affiliates and how to recruit them come up. Many affiliate managers who are new to the game incorrectly assume that their affiliate network should be the only source of affiliates for their offer.

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