3 Quick Organizational Tips for ASE19

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If you’re attending Affiliate Summit East this weekend, you may be scrambling to get ready! There are meetings to schedule, prep work to do, and the dreaded packing. Before we head out, I wanted to give you 3 quick tips on attending ASE in New York to help you organize and prep.

Tip #1 – Get your meetings booked & listed in one place

I’ve had quite a few times where people weren’t able to make the meetings because they double-booked. I’ve also had a decent amount of no-shows, which can definitely be frustrating. To avoid these issues, it’s best to have 1 location where your listing all of your scheduled meetings.

I personally keep a spreadsheet of the attendees, dates, times, and locations. I also highlight the open time slots so it’s easy to know when I still have openings. Especially since I always get last-minute requests to meet up. You can also keep everything in your Google calendar or the Zerista account that Affiliate Summit provides.

Tip #2 – Have a designated place to take notes

Even if you aren’t a “note-taker” usually, ASE is definitely the time and place to take notes. Whether it’s during sessions or meetings, there will be so much happening that I guarantee you will forget most of the info if you don’t write it down.

You can create a Google doc and type everything out as you go or if you prefer the old handwriting method (like me) you can take a small notebook with you. I also keep note sheets in my binder just in case I need more writing space.

Tip #3 – Keep Business Cards Organized

If you’ve ever attended an Affiliate Summit, you know you’ll be leaving with a TON of business cards from all the people you met and networked with. The easiest thing I’ve found is to keep them all in my binder using these awesome business card holders I found at my local office store:

business card

Some people get fancy and use different sized business cards, so I usually keep a separate binder sheet or pouch for the miscellaneous sizes. This makes it so much easier when I need to go through the cards and record everyone’s contact info.

I hope these tips help keep you organized and I’ll see you in New York!