2019 December Promotional Dates

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Black Friday and Cyber Monday may be over, but there is still lots of shopping to do! There are great promotional dates to keep in mind that you can create enticing offers for.

Dates You Should Knowpackage

Green Monday the 9th – This is the Monday that eBay discovered was one of their best sales days in December. Many merchants create Green Monday coupons and deals to motivate shoppers while they search for the perfect gift.

Free Shipping Day the 14th – If there’s one thing that online shoppers love, it’s free shipping! Offer free shipping on in-stock items and guarantee delivery by Christmas to get shoppers to press the buy button. See some Free Shipping Day deals at FreeShippingDay.com.

Super Saturday the 21st – Super Saturday is the last Saturday before Christmas and is when many last-minute shoppers get their gifts.

Hanukkah starts the evening of the 22nd – This long Jewish holiday lasts 8 days and ends the evening of December 30th. For each of the 8 days of celebration, gifts are given.

Christmas Eve the 24th – This shopping day is for the ultimate procrastinators. It’s much better to say someone’s present is on the way than completely forgotten!

christmas-balls-1847383__340Christmas Day the 25th – Merry Christmas! Many shoppers on this day are buying for themselves. Shoppers may use gift cards or even straight-up cash from grandma.

Boxing Day the 26th – Celebrated in the UK, Canada, and Australia, Boxing day is the day after Christmas. It’s believed to have originated when servants would work all day Christmas. Then, their employers would present them with gifts the following day. This is another great day to use any gift cards or money to buy whatever the heart desires.

New Year’s Eve the 31st – With New Year’s resolutions planning, many people are searching for products to help them reach their goals. We all know dieting and working out are top resolutions, so if you have fitness products be sure to promote these heavily at this time.

Best of luck during the season of giving!