Benefits of Working with FMTC

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benefits of working with FMTC
While explaining the great service we offer, many people ask about the benefits for both our clients (affiliates) and advertisers. Here are the basics of what we do for both parties.

What We Do for Publishers

We save affiliates the hassle of logging into 24 networks to find deals and having to validate them. All the deals in our system are tested and verified by our awesome data entry team. We even have a Review Queue so promotions that are processed early will be tested once they go live. Instead of hiring their own team of data engineers, affiliates utilize our experienced team, saving them hours of work.

Some affiliates who use our service actually won’t list a store at all unless FMTC is supporting it. They simply don’t have time to keep up with the offers/data for the thousands of programs they partner with.

What We Do for Advertisers

premium-feedAllowing FMTC to support your program ensures that publishers will receive your offers, updates, logo changes, etc. in an automated fashion. You can forget needing publishers to read emails or check the network to manually look for offers and changes. Since we automatically pull feeds from networks about every 30 minutes, you can rest knowing your promotions will be available.

By working with us as a merchant, you are able to gain more exposure, have your offers promoted, and even recruit more affiliates!

It’s free to integrate your programs and have a basic account but we also offer a premium subscription and placements. For more information about our subscription options for program managers, visit our Features & Benefits Page and let us know if you have questions.

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