Benefits of Work Buddies

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Work Buddies

With the 40+ hour work week many of us have, doing it without work buddies seems daunting! If we didn’t converse at work and share some morale, our social lives would suffer. You may think friends at work cause people to slack but there are actually multiple benefits of having work buddies.


Most jobs require working as a team to some degree and tackling tasks with friends actually produces a more effective team. In a study from the University of Pennsylvania and the University of Minnesota, they found, “friendships outperformed acquaintances on all tasks because they were committed to communicating better while working and gave continuous feedback” (1). Friends collaborating are more likely to provide constructive criticism, while acquaintances are more reserved.

Work Buddies

In a Q12 Survey performed by Gallup, one of the biggest predictors of productivity was having a best friend at work. Working with a friend means completing tasks with someone you trust and have fun with. If you do the same task with an acquaintance or someone you bump heads with, it’s a totally different environment.

In another study, NASA found that fatigued crews made less errors under pressure when they had previously flown together. I would definitely want to go to space with work friends I know rather than acquaintances!

Job Satisfaction

Friendship expert Shasta Nelson believes having friends a work is one of the biggest factors in job satisfaction. She says, “We will often put up with a less than desirable job role if we love the people we work with and will want out of a ‘dream job’ if we don’t feel like the people we work with support or accept us.” (1). In addition, people with work buddies are “27% more likely to report that the mission of their company makes them feel their job is important” (2).

Work buddies also ensure you have a good support system with people who understand your job situation. “They already know what you’re going through, who you’re dealing with, and will have valuable suggestions for how you can solve problems and accomplish goals” (3).

Better Work Environment

Another benefit is decreasing stress. There will always be difficult setbacks or looming deadlines, but a little love from your work buddies help lighten the mood. Strong interpersonal relationships have even been found to improve the treatment of anxiety and depression (2).

Now that you know how beneficial friendships at work are, be sure to show some appreciation to all the work buddies you have!



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