Agencies – Are You in the OPM Directory?

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A couple of years ago we added a helpful resource called the OPM Directory where users can learn more about the various agency services that are available. This directory is visible in our publisher and program manager accounts, the public Merchant Hub, and the Publisher Toolkit. We have been adding OPMs and updating profiles since it’s inception, but there are still some OPMs who do not have a listing yet or may need to update their info.

If that’s you, please let us know! We will be happy to add a FREE listing in our directory for your agency. Simply submit the following information that you’d like displayed to [email protected]:

  • Email address
  • Logo
  • Phone number
  • LinkedIn page
  • Google Plus contact
  • Social media links( Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest)

You can also contact us if you need anything updated to an existing account and we’ll be happy to make the changes for you. You can even edit the information directly through your agency account! Simply log in, go the OPM Directory tab on the left under Relationships. Then, click on your agency’s name to go to your profile page. After that, scroll down and you’ll see the link “Edit Your Information“. Here you can fill out or update your information, hit submit at bottom and viola – you’re done!

Interested in a Premium OPM Listing?

You may notice there are featured OPMs listed at the top of the directory who have agency descriptions available. If you’d like to upgrade or apply for a premium OPM account, please let us know! I will be happy to send you additional information on what is included in the upgrade. You can also visit our Member Features & Benefits page and our Pricing page to learn more.

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