Troubleshoot Your Affiliate Marketing With FMTC


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How FMTC Can Fix Your Affiliate Marketing Problems


Five problems that could be causing your affiliate marketing programs and how to troubleshoot them.

Affiliate programs have a lot of moving parts, which leave room for things to go wrong. Let’s look at five common affiliate marketing problems that could be hurting your program and the steps you can take to resolve them.


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Problem 1: Your merchant landing page isn’t getting any traffic, even though links are posted on your affiliates’ websites.


The issue might be the URL. An incorrect URL on a website is bad news for you and your affiliate. Even if a visitor clicks a link, they aren’t directed to your landing page — which means no conversion. Both parties may be losing out on money. Check your URLs. One tiny difference between the URL you sent to your affiliates and the URL of the actual page means no clicks are going to get to that landing page.

FMTC gets ahead of this problem by checking every link before adding it to our database. If we don’t get a connection, we contact the affiliate program manager to verify the details.


Problem 2: Why hasn’t my deal appeared in FMTC’s feed yet?


Because FMTC has human data processors who check each link, sometimes it can take up to 12 hours for a deal to appear in the database. However, if a deal is taking longer to show up, check that your affiliate program manager’s contact information is correct. We may have found a problem in your deal that requires a verification but simply couldn’t get a hold of you. If we don’t hear back on an inquiry, we won’t be able to move forward with posting that deal.

If the deal processing time still feels too long, consider upgrading to a Premium subscription, which includes faster deal processing. This feature puts your deals at the top of our queue and can cut the posting delay down to less than one hour.


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Problem 3: Your landing page is working fine, but you’re not getting any conversions on the coupon.


Because coupon redemption happens at the shopping cart, it can take longer to realize there’s a mistake. That’s why it’s important to go through two levels of verification for coupon deals: verifying that the link works to bring visitors to the right page on your website, and then verifying that the code is active and works as advertised when it is redeemed.

Coupons are a great affiliate marketing tool, but they do add a level of complexity to the equation. FMTC’s data processors don’t just check links; they make sure coupons work and deliver the expected discount, too.


Problem 4: Your banner ads links aren’t converting enough sales.


This isn’t a huge surprise. On the modern Internet, unless the ad is highly targeted to the individual visiting the site, banners tend to get ignored. They also get blocked by ad blockers, which further depresses conversion rates.

Including some banners to add spice to your page is great, but putting links in text and on static images is the best way to drive conversions. Visitors come for your content; they’re more likely to click links in the content than on a flashing banner that’s begging for attention between paragraphs. If you want to add a more visual call to action, a static image lets you do that without the issues that come with banners.

This is why we check all links at the URL level. You should always have access to the raw URL along with your tracking codes so you can present every deal in the best format for conversion.


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Problem 5: I’m having trouble integrating the FMTC API Access Points.


This can be caused by a variety of issues. Visit the FMTC GitHub page to see if there’s new code to install or a known issue to work around. If you don’t see a solution there, reach out to our support staff for free, expert customer service.

Reaching out to our customer service department is a great way to get help for issues not listed here, either. Get in touch today, and we’ll do everything we can to make sure you understand the problem and how to fix it.