How APIs Fuel More Efficient Affiliate Marketing


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How APIs Enhance Affiliate Marketing


Affiliate marketing scales on feeds, and the best way to get links, deals, and products is to plug into APIs. Here’s why.

The affiliate marketing ecosystem was built on data feeds. Merchants send links, deals, and product feeds to affiliate networks. These networks connect with publishers, who then get affiliate links from network feeds. But this system is fragmented, with merchants, networks, and publishers each processing too much information from too many sources.

With API integration, FMTC can centralize affiliate links, deals, and products from thousands of merchants across networks, verify and categorize them, and get those links to approved publishers.

Here’s how our APIs enhance the whole ecosystem.


What Are APIs?


Application programming interfaces (APIs) allow external programs to plug into a system and work with it directly. The host system sets parameters for what kind of access an API provides. Within those parameters, APIs provide much more direct access to share data and perform transactions.

API connections let us bring data directly from affiliate networks to publishers. They also let publishers pull information such as merchant data, links, deals, products, categories, and images from our database using FMTC’s API access points.


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FMTC’s Network APIs Streamline Merchant Link Delivery


FMTC has APIs set up with all the major affiliate networks, allowing us to directly access data such as links and deals. We can get data in the API format when we need it to compile the most accurate deals database in the world.

The API lets us collect information into our database, where it’s cleaned, checked, categorized, and made ready for publishing. We then provide that data to publishers through various channels, including our API access points (see below).

For merchants, this dramatically streamlines link delivery. FMTC gets your links, deals, and products out of the network and to your publishers.

We also update network data multiple times a day. If a merchant’s link changes or an offer is removed, those adjustments are made in our database, and publishers can immediately update the information on their properties.


FMTC API Access Points Enable Publisher Customization and Automation


One of our biggest goals is to empower publishers to streamline affiliate program management by providing the world’s largest, freshest, and most accurate deals database. That’s why we clean and vet each link before passing it on. We provide three ways to access FMTC affiliate network data: our easy-to-use interface, CSV and XML downloads, and API access points.

When publishers subscribe to FMTC, they get an API token that lets them access our API endpoints. These endpoints allow publishers to interface directly with the FMTC database to continuously import up-to-date information from all your merchant affiliates.

The API endpoints include:

● getMerchants: Publisher’s list of selected merchants, as chosen in the FMTC account
● getDeals: The current deals from all selected merchants
● getLogos: Logos for all selected merchants
● getTypes and getCategories: A list of the deal types and categories in the FMTC system, including their URL slugs
● getChanges: Changes that have been made to any specified deal
● getNetworks: The affiliate networks FMTC currently works with

Like our usage of network APIs, these publisher API endpoints allow publishers to bypass the network feeds — even FMTC’s interface. Publishers can get data when they need it, where they need it, and in the format that lets them post it as soon as possible. The endpoints getDeals and getMerchants are most commonly used, but what you do with the entire API is limited only by the imagination and abilities of your team.

These APIs are just one example of how FMTC makes affiliate marketing easier and more streamlined for merchants, networks, and publishers. If you’re ready to see what that could do for managing your program, contact us to get started today.